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Hot New Toys for 2019 in the ZURU Toys Booth at New York Toy Fair! MUST SEE!

ZURU Toys’s booth at New York Toy Fair included a number of toys that will be sure to be hot items! Once again, ZURU is at the forefront of fun and innovative toys. ZURU doesn’t compromise on quality and yet their price points are so affordable! You get so much bang for your buck with their products!

We’re meeting new Rainbocorns for series 2 and they are just as cute as series one. With the chance to discover an owl, a flamingo, a lion, a panda, even an adorable llama, each Rainbocorn is a surprise! Their big, sparkly eyes are so hard to resist, you will seriously want to collect them all. The surprise doesn’t end there as inside you will find lots more treasures inside! Crack open the egg to find a sparkly booboocorn, stickers, or even compound. You will get more bang for your buck as the price is still $24.99! The Rainbocorn’s egg color is not final as the actual eggs are still incubating. 

Mini Rainbocorns Soft n Squeezy Surprise has five surprises inside. You get your a mini version of your favorite Rainbocorns from series one along with more surprises and they are scented and squishy! The same iconic packaging is included, but scaled down a bit. The sequins are not on their tummies, but you can still reveal a surprise on their bellies by peeling away the foil sticker. Underneath who knows what you will discover, it will definitely be pertaining to your Rainbocorn’s favorite food! They will be $6.99. 

A new and exciting title is coming out called Coco Cones! Inside each cone is an adorable squishy plush. You can also find one baby surprise inside featuring adorable animals and magical creatures. Coco Cones’ eyes have the same sparkly eyes as Rainbocorns which makes it so hard to resist! You can also get a Coco Scoop which is a scented, slow-rise squishy. They are smaller than their bigger sibling Coco Cones. The Coco Scoops are so well made in that their features are all embroidered. They are all so cute that I know Marcello is going to want them all! 

The ZURU Oosh range that includes slime, never wet sand, foam, and putty will be available in larger packs. The Super Oosh Pack would actually make a great collection for party favors or prizes for a party.To meet the needs of the tactile toy fans, ZURU will be including add-ins for their Oosh line that will include ingredients to mix in like glitter. The widely popular Oosh Cotton Candy Cuties will release series 2 with four new squishier, and lighter colors. I still stand by that Oosh Cotton Candy Cuties is the best compound out there!

5 Surprise Unicorn Squad will be out very soon, and inside each segment, you will literally have to build you unicorn by adding accessories and hairpieces! It’s a new take on the 5 Surprise ball by incorporating a fun story! I sincerely hope the unicorn squad gets a series on YouTube as all of the characters are so fun! For only $5.99, you get a unicorn and a bunch of surprises! 

Dino Strike 5 Surprise is a fun, new way to battle dinosaurs! Discover a different dinosaur that you have to put together form the pieces inside each segment. Each dinosaur has a working blaster or dart gun to shoot projectiles and battle other Dino Strike dinosaurs! This is s such a fun line and I already know kids are going to go nuts for these new 5 Surprise! Also available for $5.99.

Fill your shopping cart and shop like mom and dad with the new 5 Surprise Mini Brands. With noticeable and recognizable brands like Suave, Mentos, Hormel Chili, and more, you can collect them all to fill your cart and play pretend supermarket! You may even get lucky and find the golden Mentos or Kukemon Soy Sauce!

New series 2 5 Surprise includes more fun items that are always different and fun to open! those balls of fun are back and full of even more toy surprises! Inside the blue five surprise you can collect stickers, slime, prank toys, and even series one Smashers! The pink ball includes five segments of fun like jewelry, figures, and even the chance to locate Hamsters from Hamsters in a House! You can still find them for $4.99, which is a great price!

New Pets Alive will revolutionize and illuminate the already strong range of toys that ZURU has created. With the addition of Boppy the Twerking Llama, and the Fifi the Flossing Sloth, ZURU will most likely shutdown YouTube with the many unboxing videos coming your way. I hope and pray to the Toy Goddesses that Boppy and Fifi dance into our arms once they hit the shelves this Fall 2019. Boppy and Fifi will be must have and most definitely a hot toy this year! Pets Alive will also be releasing unicorn pets with a stable, they will be interactive so you can feed and take care of your unicorn pet this fall for $19.99 With over 20 interaction modes, there will be plenty of play time fun with these magical creatures. The unicorn will also record your voice, and she will repeat what you say. Roboalive’s mainstays like the mermaids, turtles, will be added into the Pets Alive realm along with furry little friends Hamsters in the House hamsters with all new packaging. Hopefully this will reignite the love for these adorable hamsters! We love them, and still play with ours! Brighter packaging and better price point promises to be better for our wallets, and enriching play time.  

Meet Ice and Fire - two ferocious dragons whose roars will keep you up at night in fear! They walk, they roar, and their mouths light up. These dragons mean business! Fire and Ice will be just $14.99 each. And then there’s this…a cockroach. It looks real. I am scared. Send help. It zooms so fast and has the same scurrying mechanism as the Hamsters in the House so it zooms super fast! Even though it is slightly larger than any cockroach I have seen, it still resonates that fear factor. I am terrified, because of how real it looks. The smaller scale Robo Alive are usually about $8-10. 

Smashers Series 3 features Dinosaurs! Now, you can collect gross dinosaurs, funny dinosaurs, and more! Smash the egg and then easily put it back together with the handy stand that comes with Smasher Rex. Instead of a vehicle, you can now get Smasher Rex and he will poop out a Smasher for you. The Epic Dino Egg is a large egg that has the chance to get three different dinosaur bones inside to build your own Smash-o-Saur! Collect all three with ease by paying attention to the different colored bones outside of the egg itself. There is a fun scratch off decoder to really enhance the unboxing experience. Collect all three to show off your fossils, and all of the fun stuff inside like slime, and unearth more surprises by chipping away at the block.

ZURU is revolutionizing the way we party with their amazing innovation of self sealing party balloons with the help of their air pump. They are also responsible for making sure outdoor summer barbecues and pool parties are extra wet with their amazing Bunch-o-Balloons. Party planning parents no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars on balloons. Fill 40 balloons in 40 seconds with air. Or use a helium tank, and attach the included attachment and blow up bunches of balloons at one time, and then once the party is over, let the balloons deflate naturally and you can use the balloons again! Not only are Bunch o Balloons self sealing balloons super easy to use, but they are planet friendly, and limit waste!

OMG Creations are the first in crafts for ZURU. Create your own food-related crafts that look yummy and realistic! Itty Bitty Prettys is a fun and new line coming out for ZURU that includes the ultimate in pretend to play - the tea set! The tea set is so sweet and it includes a proper play tea service for you and your friends to play and enjoy. ZURU also obtained Glitter Girls, a wide collection of dolls in various sizes. From doll heads to style to baby dolls to care for, Glitter Girls will be sure to please your little mommy or daddy in training.

X-Shot hold its own in the toy blaster category with its wide away of toy blaster style. Now they are diving into the round dart range with the X-Shot Chaos series coming in two styles Meteor ($12.99) and Comet ($19.99). X-Shot has proven itself in the toy blaster category with their versatile line of blasters and fun target shooters like my favorite X-Bug! If you’re a fan of Ninja, the most watched gamer on Twitch, then you will love the four X-Shot blasters that he worked on with ZURU. ZURU X-Shot is also working on Laser Tag where you can keep adding sets to have a true laser tag hunt! These sets will be out this fall! 

What was your favorite from our video? I have to say I am totally looking forward to the new 5 Surprise Unicorn Squad and the 5 Surprise Dino Strike. I also love the new bopping, twerking Llama Poppy. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more unboxing videos and New York Toy Fair coverage!

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