Thursday, March 7, 2019

Fun Activity: Celebrate International Women's Day with your Kiddo with a Nick Jr. Becca's Bunch Coloring Page!

Adventure is calling! Seek adventure with Becca from Becca's Bunch on International Women’s Day this March 8, 2019. Ask your little one to celebrate the women in their life that impact them every day in a special way with this adorable Becca's Bunch activity - access the printable page here or see the image below. Make sure you share and tag your hard work with @beccas_bunch and celebrate a future of fearless leaders! #IWD 

Be it through childcare, teaching, inventing cures to diseases, fighting for civil and women’s rights - women across the globe have inspired, encouraged, and nurtured. Becca’s Bunch's adorable printable will give your kiddo the chance to share who inspires them. This activity will start the conversation about why we should celebrate women and what they have done to better our world. You can ask your kiddo to color it and write about a special lady or ladies that inspire them.  It would be so great to see your kiddo’s creation and who inspires them - it can be someone famous, or it can be the most famous woman in their life - their mom or grandma, aunt or cousin! Again, if sharing on social media tag @beccas_bunch and hashtag is #IWD to spread the word! Thank you Becca’s Bunch for sharing this adorable printable with and for encouraging us to celebrate International Women’s Day.

I love this idea that Becca’s Bunch has with this cute coloring page. I never had the opportunity to celebrate #IWD as a child, so today I will! I honor my mother who is a strong woman who has overcome so much in her life. She was a very young mother and did everything in her power to provide for her family. In a time where the odds would be against young moms, she overcame them and didn’t become a statistic. She is a successful business owner, and has raised four daughters who are strong-willed, intelligent, and who also instill family values and leadership into all of their sons - that’s right four daughters produced five grandsons! She has taught me the meaning of hard work, and that when I believe in myself I can achieve the impossible. I also honor my sister, Lynette, she is fighting breast cancer right now. At 40, she was diagnosed and has two small boys. She continues to work the night shift at a hospital as a sonogram technician. She does this all while she suffers through side effects from the hundreds of pills she takes every week. She is a warrior. 

Be it through a coloring page, a conversation, a book, or even a photo - women should be honored for the sacrifices they make every day to raise and encourage others. 

Becca and her friends live in Wagtail Woods, and we follow along on her adventures with her friends Pedro, Sylvia, and Russell. Becca inspires and encourages her friends with her  leadership skills - her bright outlook on life just makes this show so happy and fun!  Check it our on Nick Jr. and at You can also watch episodes on the Nick Jr. app - there are some free episodes without a subscription to a cable provider. 

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