Thursday, February 14, 2019

Video and Toy Review: Wrapples by Moose Toys Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Your BFF! Little Live Wrapples Cute and Cuddly Bracelets that Speak, Sing, Get Sleep, and Angry!

Keep your friends close, but your Little Live Wrapples closer with these adorable plush bracelets that wrap around your wrist made by Moose Toys. Turn an adorable Wrapple on to watch their big eyes glow different colors to tell you their wants and needs, and listen to over 50 different sounds and songs. 

Wrapples are totally interactive as they respond to movement, touch, and can "feel" when other Wrapples are close by! Pair two Wrapples together with your bestie and listen to them have the cutest conversation. There are actual changes in pitch and inflection to make their conversations so realistic - I mean they are realistic, they're speaking Wrapplese after all! 

Little Live Wrapples by Moose Toys will make the perfect gift for your bestie as two Wrapples will speak to each like they are old friends! Buying two for yourself isn't a crime as they are priced right at $14.99, I have seen them go even lower! Wrapples are so colorful and soft and attribute their bright colors come from their time surfing down rainbows. How fun! Wear them, play with them, love them, and share their magic with your friends! 

We received a surprise package from Moose Toys for Valentine's Day and inside are Wrapples including the new Bonnie Bunny! Wrapples sing, play, laugh, chat, sleep, and even get angry! Their eye color dictates how they are feeling, so try to keep them happy and you will hear a lot of happy sayings. Our Bonnie the Bunny said "hello" to us as soon as we turned her on.  I love that you can wrap them around your wrist and take them with you every where you go, and I also love how cute and cuddly they are, which makes wearing a Wrapple super comfy! Wrapples come in a variety of cuddly pals like unicorns, mermaids, bunnies, and more! You can find Wrapples at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and more for $14.99. Big thank you to Moose Toys for sending us this adorable Valentine's Day box!

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