The Loyal Subjects x Bandai Cross Retail Universe - Ultimate Collectible Collab!

In the Bandai booth at New York Toy Fair, I learned that The Loyal Subjects and Bandai were collaborating on a retail level. I am on planet Mom, so I really didn't even know about this collaboration, so it was cool to learn that at NYTF. 

Loyal Subjects and Bandai joint venture is a no-brainer as both companies never compromise on quality, yet Bandai has the support and retail reach that TLS fans so deserve. What a great pairing! TLS thrives on pushing the envelope, so I am excited to see what gets dreamed up should they decide to team up creatively.

Just like the commingling of different universes within The Loyal Subjects line of vinyl figures, Bandai and TLS hope to create an even greater fan experience. Bandai and TLS’ partnership will be one that will help expand The Loyal Subjects’ retail reach by putting their amazing vinyl figures into the hands of many who have never collected them before. Examples of The Loyal Subject line of Masters of the Universe figures, Game of Thrones vinyl figures, and beloved characters of horror like Freddy Krueger, Jason, and more were on display in the Bandai booth at New York Toy Fair 2019. 

The Loyal Subjects are well known for their line of Action Vinyls, which are made with 15 points of articulation. The figures also have multiple and interchangeable accessories. Where else can He-Man can hold the nunchucks of Michelangelo, the pizza-loving Ninja Turtle in his hands, and vice-versa. 

I missed The Loyal Subjects booth at NYTF with good reason, I promise! 

What do you think of this collaboration?

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