Thursday, February 28, 2019

New York Toy Fair 2019! Maya Toys Booth - 10 Year Anniversary of Orbeez, new color Party Pink! New Orbeez Light Up Globes, Foodie Roos, Series 3 Color Change Wowzer Wow World and more!

There are so many fun, new and exciting announcements for Maya Toys from a new Orbeez color to series 2 and series 3 Wowzers, and a an all new line of toys to fun games, you’re going to want everything they have to offer!

We begin with celebrating 10 years of Orbeez! To commemorate this occasion, a brand new color will be released called Party Pink, and will be available in their grown Orbeez bottles - no waiting to start the party! The new color is the perfect shade of bubble gum pink. Grown Orbeez bottles are $4.99 each, and can be found at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. 

Orbeez Squeezables are a fun, new way to way to play with Orbeez. Collect them in every color! They are super fun to squeeze! Inside are squishy Orbeez crush! Collect all of the colors for $4.99 each.

Perfect for Easter baskets, goodie bags, and more these adorable Orbeez seed packs contain 1000 multi-colored Orbeez beads to grow at home. Orbeez will grow in just hours, and now that they’re packaged like this, the possibilities to share are really endless. I already know that they would make wonderful treat bag additions for parties! Collect themes of multicolored Orbeez like Confetti and Spa.

Orbeez Wow World is a magical world of cute, spritely creatures who live in globes full of clear Orbeez beads. Uncover your Wowzer friend by adding some water to the globe! These toys wowed us last year, and now you can find Series 2 in store March 1! Series 2 is super cute, and features a Garden of Wonder - so appropriate for the coming of spring! Once you add water, twirl your Wowzer around inside her globe, and watch her dance. You can also empty out the water so easily, so you can remove your new little figure. Series 3 is even more magical with Polar Magic, and will be available Fall 2019. With series 3, we will finally have color changing Wowzer pets! I am so excited about this new development. Orbeez Wow World is such a fun and extraordinary line of surprise toys, and now adding the color change element to their storyline really adds that touch of whimsy it needed. Orbeez Wow World are $5.99 and can be found at Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

Good things come to those who sparkle, and new for 2019 will be Sparkle Surprise, a brand new way to discover new Orbeez Wow World friends with a brand new storyline too. Meet the friends from Legends of Luck, discover and explore this new magical locale way up in the clouds. Paired together you can find positive Wowzer glittery friends Sequin and Sky, or Nova and Glitz. With their powers combined, they spread happiness to all those who truly believe that there is no such thing as bad luck. Their power of positivity really create a heartwarming, feel-good bundle which makes this surprise toy magical in its own way. Packaged in a larger glittery globe, inside you will find two magical Wowzer friends all by adding in water just like the smaller Orbeez Wow World globes. The globe is chunkier, has a fun cloud motif, it has a handle for easy transport, and full of sparkle. You can find this on store shelves August 1, 2019, for $14.99 each. 

Next is a whole new line of surprise toys called Foodie Roos! Foodie Roos are small plush toys in awesome containers that can be used to hold the Foodie Roo plush. What’s so amazing about Foodie Roos are the scents - they really do smell like the food they depict to be - the popcorn Foodie Roo friend smells like freshly popped, buttery popcorn, and when you give it a squeeze, you will be surprised to feel that it really does feel like popcorn is inside! Packaged inside a “peek a roo” container where only their sweet eyes are visible, you never know which Foodie Roo friend you’ll find! Foodie Roos also comes with stickers to decorate the inside of the container m. When it’s time for your Foodie Roo to go to sleep, close up his room, and cover the container - you have a fully contained surprise toy here with barely any trash! There are 20 Foodie Roos to collect in all, and included in that are two rare Foodie Roos. Foodie Roos will be out in June 2019 for $9.99, and for ages five and up. Be sure to find the rare treats Racoon Macaroon and Sugarphant! 

Make it a spa day with the newly redesigned Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa. New for 2019, the spa has a glittery cover to add a touch of sparkle, and the Orbeez Spa now comes with a bottle of blue Grown Orbeez to start the spa party right away! You get everything you need to create a fun, and relaxing experience. The Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa will be out this Fall 2019 for $34.99.

I love the Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker, they really make it easy to customize, create, and share adorable jewelry for yourself or to gift to friends. From start to finish, you really feel like you created your masterpiece from scratch with the cool stix available in fun emoji characters, cool shapes, and designs. Then cut your stix to the thickness you need, and start stringing your jewelry! The Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker is available now for $19.99, which makes a one-stop gift for a special someone’s birthday, Easter, or an end of school gift! It’s for ages five and up, and you can find it at Target. Take Cutie Stix jewelry making on the go with the new Cutie Compacts they come with everything you need to make jewelry all in one compact - you can create four bracelets or two necklaces. Available in designs featuring a Cat, Dog, or a Pig, you’ll be able to take your creative on the go for just $9.99. There is also a mirror inside to check yourself out while wearing your new design. 

Maya Toys has a great games line, Maya Games, and their games are really setting them apart from their amazing tactile toys. Games like Monkey Trix and Flying Fryin’ Donuts really sets them apart from regular games geared toward little kids; kids are testing their fine motor skills and agility all while having a blast! Perfect to kick off the summer is Let it Fly, which is a two person game. One person is the attacker and the other is the blocker. You have to try and block your opponent from slinging back the sticky fly to the backboard. Three rounds will prove who will be victorious in this game! Another fun game is Shoot the Poop - it’s simple, fling your poop in the toilet! You and your opponent are prompted to ready, aim, and fire your poop at the toilet. There are two different colored poops to differentiate each player. Don’t forget to flush! Big thank you to Maya Toys for the awesome tour at New York Toy Fair! I love Foodie Roos, and how you get to test so many senses and are able to add in some pretend play, too!

What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Hi! Wow! These look like so much fun!

  2. My favorite was the spa toy but I loved the fish tank as well!❤️❤️ So fun to see all these new toys!