New York Toy Fair 2019! LEGO Toy Story 4 Sets, LEGO Duplo Toy Story Train Set

LEGO - what can I say? Timeless in design and in play. LEGO is a staple toy in our home, and we play with LEGO every single day, so attending the LEGO preview at 7 AM on a Saturday is my definition of a good time! 

I had the honor of attending breakfast with LEGO at New York Toy Fair, and it was so much fun! I have a lot to report, so we have to start with the Toy Story LEGO sets! I posted a great video on our YouTube channel with close-ups and movements of each set. Make sure you subscribe to our channel and ring the notification bell to be informed of when I post the next LEGO NYTF reveal video. In addition to Toy Story sets, LEGO unveiled the new Flintstones set, as well as their amazing new line the Hidden Side featuring augmented reality ghost hunting, plus they are celebrating 20 years of LEGO Star Wars, 50 years of LEGO Duplo, and the release of the new LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part! LEGO always has a lot going on. Oh, and I cannot fail to mention LEGOLAND New York Resort opening in 2020! Fingers crossed Marcello gets chosen as a LEGOLAND Kid Reporter. Sorry, let's check out the sets! 

There will be four LEGO Juniors sets featuring Disney Pixar’s Toy Story that will be coming out in late April for ages four and up, and one LEGO Duplo Toy Set for ages two and up that will be out in March 2019. Coming out in May will be five LEGO sets featuring Disney Pixar’s Toy Story, and three of those scenes will be directly related to Toy Story 4 and for ages four and up. I am unsure about the other two!

First, we have #10766 Woody & RC and this set is $9.99, and it features three super tiny green army men (he's backward, I know), and Woody. RC is also included, of course, and he has moving wheels, and he even comes with a build for the remote - something I hear gets lost a lot with the toy in real, so I am happy to see it in LEGO form. Woody is manning the controls here, so it leaves me wondering - does RC return in the new movie, Toy Story 4, coming to theaters June 2019? Is this a flashback? What do you think?

Next is LEGO Juniors set #10771, the Carnival Thrill Coaster for $19.99, and this set features a thrill ride at the carnival! The rollercoaster features the likeness of a cute caterpillar, and going for a ride are Buzz Lightyear and Alien. The rollercoaster moves seamlessly around the track, and while photographing, I heard a few people comment that they were already planning to turn this coaster into Slinky Dog, the new coaster at Hollywood Studios. There is also a moving turnstile as you enter the ride. After you’re done riding the coaster, make sure you go and stop at the popsicle and pizza stand for a refreshing treat and a slice! 

Then we have #10770 Buzz and Woody’s Carnival Mania for $49.99 - it comes chock full of Toy Story goodness! There is a fun carnival game called Star Adventurer! The game looks like fun! You have to load the cannon and try to knock down the rockets to win. We also have Buzz and Woody minifigs, plus new characters for Toy Story 4, Ducky and Bunny! The carnival ride is a dizzying squid ride that really rotates! Is this paying homage to Stretch from Toy Story 3? Also, included in this set is Bo! She is standing with Ducky and Bunny near an ice cream stand and two bumper cars in this setup. Bo is also wearing her new outfit - her cape and a pair of pantaloons! Is this where Woody and Buzz reunite with Bo?! 

To finish up the LEGO Juniors line, we have #10769 the Toy Story 4 RV Vacation for $34.99! Within this set are all of the elements that we need to physically build this cool scene, plus all of the elements to figuratively build some assumptions of the storyline to Toy Story 4! Once I saw this set, I thought of Bonnie’s family taking a vacation in this RV. The RV park is Grand Basin — maybe they go to Great Basin National Park in Nevada? I feel like this location is most likely where Bonnie makes Forky the spork! Included in this set we see Alien, Jessie, Rex Dinosaur, and little Forky! The entrance of the RV park has a moving boom or arm that opens and closes to let vehicles enter in and out, and the RV has working wheels and some cool details like a ladder to get to the roof, windows to see inside, and more. There is also a picnic area to grill out and roast marshmallows! There is a little tree stump seat, which I found to be really cute. I feel that Rex looks a little too big. Otherwise, this set is amazing.

LEGO Duplo that just celebrated 50 years! Did you know that LEGO Duplo was invented in the second-generation owner, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen’s sleep? How amazing is that? His dream helped create a world of imagination and wonder for children as little as 18 months, where they too, can build, create, and play. Toddlers will, therefore, love the new LEGO Duplo Toy Story set,  #10894 Toy Story Train, as it has moving parts, familiar character elements, and a lot of pieces to connect and take apart. That’s all my 18 month does not, he connects the Duplo pieces, and immediately takes them apart. He’s building his fine motor skills, so I am happy! Back to the Toy Story, the LEGO Duplo Toy Story set will come out March 1, 2019, and is $19.99 for ages two and up. There is one LEGO Duplo Toy Story set and it looks like the opening scene from Toy Story 3 featuring the stolen money train. We have Woody and Buzz in this set along with a fun WANTED poster featuring Evil Dr. Porkchop. The train moves and can store those stolen coins that Woody seems to be lassoing back. I hope LEGO releases more Toy Story DUPLO sets for the second half of the year!

That’s it for now! What do you think of the new Toy Story sets coming out? Let me know your favorite one(s) in the comments below! Be sure to subscribe to our channel, Tubey Toys Review, and stay tuned to our next video featuring more LEGO coverage from New York Toy Fair 2019!

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