Thursday, February 21, 2019

New York Fair 2019! Bandai Booth Tour - New Toys and Collectibles | Godzilla, Dragonball Super, Pretty Pixels, Slob Monsters, Disney Kidea Wooden Blocks featuring Toy Story, Monster's Inc, Little Mermaid and Frozen!

New York Toy Fair was a blast! I had over 50 appointments during my four days touring the neighborhoods of Jacob Javits Center. Our family visits Javits every year for NYCC, so coming back for NYTF is always fun — it’s a totally different feeling, but you still roam the same halls and floors. If you have never been to New York Toy Fair, it can be quite daunting with the endless rows and avenues of booths either closed or open. This year, I found it to be a bit more airy, and open. I think I could have gotten away with coming back for later time appointments as many booths seemed open. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our blog for lots of New York Toy Fair 2019 coverage featuring a lot of fun, new toys for kids and big kids at heart! 

One of my first appointments was with Bandai at NYTF and they did not disappoint. Once you walk in the booth, you were greeted with the amazing collection of Godzilla figures that are already available. What stood out though was the MEGA Godzilla, which is a stand-alone statue. Its tail is huge and wrapped around the other figures on the table. Fans of Godzilla will be sure to add this to their holiday wish list as it will become available in Holiday 2019 for about $300. Hopefully, Santa has room for him on his sleigh. In addition to this section, there were the 3.5” Vinyl import figures and 12” larger scales figures with articulation. 

Pretty Pixels by Bandai are a fun, new way to brighten your pencil box and to correct your mistakes in kawaii style! With fun colors, cool designs, and a flair for DIY, kids in school will love these tiny erasers that they made themselves. Pretty Pixels are so easy and fun to make as each kit comes with a themed pack where you can follow along with the simple instructions, or create your own design. Choose from one of four design packs Animals, Sweets, Fruits, and Fashion. Once your design is complete, pop it in the microwave and then you have your own custom eraser! The end result is a pixelated version of a cupcake, rainbow, or butterfly - the pixelated look is very on trend and nostalgic! Pretty Pixels will be on the shelves this Spring 2019 - just in time for Easter to fill Easter baskets, perfect birthday gift, and it also makes a great back to school bonus gift! Kids ages eight and up will love Pretty Pixels, which is just about the age where I started my own eraser collection! I’m sure others can relate - the school store always had adorable little erasers, and my pencil box was chock full! I wish Pretty Pixels was out when I was a kid! There is the deluxe kit for $24.99 as well as starter pack for $16.99, each set comes with enough materials to make up to 10 erasers, plus your kiddo will be strengthening his or her fine motor skills as each Pretty Pixel eraser is a small cylinder that gets pieced together and then placed in the Pretty Pixel maker. You also get a handy tool to make the building of your eraser super easy! This project will keep your kids busy, and once done they can keep them or trade with their friends! You can purchase refill packs for $9.99 to keep making more erasers! I sincerely hope Pretty Pixels branches off into other cool DIY sets as the overall look is super cute. I would love to see a Pretty Pixels jewelry maker where you can turn your erasers into a charm necklace or a fun, stretchy bracelet! 

Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph is finally released on DVD and on digital! In addition to enjoying this funny and heartwarming movie in your living room, you can now add the full Princess collection to your smartphone or tablet. The Princesses are back with their own series of the Wreck-It Ralph Power Pac collectibles standing or sitting in cute poses, and holding fun accessories. We have done so many videos featuring these cool figures, and we just love how each figure has a specific pose and nuance from the film! I am so happy to see a whole collection dedicated to the Disney Princesses. There are 12 to collect in all, and for $6.99 each you get a mystery Princess dressed in her cozy pajamas and a game code to enter in to the super fun game PACMAN: Ralph Breaks the Maze that you can play on your smart phone and smart device. 

Slob Monsters are a new line of collectible figures that are gross and totally funny - they definitely have digestive problems as they are full of gas and need help releasing their fury! Take a listen! Packaged in an oozing soda can, shake each Slob Monster to hear a collection of different farts, belches, and burps. The more you shake it, the more gassy sounds they will make! Collect all 12 to make a flatulent symphony. Not only are the sounds funny, but they look funny and have silly names, too, like Bloated Bob and Odorous Olly. Each Slob Monster has his own trading card too, so collect them and trade them with your friends! I like that they are shaped like a ball so you can have a fun game of Slob Ball with a friend — the silly sounds will have you rolling! Slob Ball is not a real game, I just made it up, but feel free to make your own rules! Get Slob Monsters for $6.99 - these gassy guys are US only. 

Disney Kidea is new, premium building block toy made of wood featuring beloved classic Disney characters, and Disney Pixar characters. Toddlers will love the chunky, wooden pieces and the familiar faces, and collectors will love to see their favorite characters in artisanal block form. I immediately fell in love with the whole collection, as I imagined my little guys playing with these cute blocks featuring characters from Monster’s Inc, Toy Story, Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, and more. It’s not just building blocks, Disney Kidea will test your little one’s skills with balancing games with the Winnie the Pooh Balance Game, as well as teach colors, shapes, and strength fine and gross motor skills. The packaging for the individual character blocks gives these block sets a designer look without the designer price tag. Starting at $7.99 to $59.99, you can grow your collection to build a train of characters or line up your favorite characters by movie. From the smallest collector at just 1 1/2 (age two years and older for the train set) or even the seasoned Disney collector, Disney Kidea will be sure to brighten up collector shelves and will be a toy box staple for years to come. I seriously am in love with them! 

Fans of Dragon Ball Super will be pleased with these 6.5” articulated figures from the Dragon Stars series for $14.99 each! With over 14 points of articulation as well as a second set of hands or an energy blast, you will be able to pose these figures into different battle scenes. For larger scale, you can get the 12” figures for $14.99 and the 13” figures for $19.99 with five points of articulation for $12.99 each to rule your collector shelf or battle it out! Both series will be out this Fall 2019.

Disney Channels Big Hero 6: The Series continues the line with articulated figures and vehicles. You can still purchase these amazing figures for $9.99 to help our heroes battle the scientifically enhanced villains of San Fransokyo. A favorite of mine is the 10.5” Flame Blast Flying Baymax for ages four and up as it has pop-out wings that span 20”! This figure is perfect for a small kid as he prepares for aerial attacks against the enemy. Motion activated lights and battle sounds give this figure a realistic impression during open play. It’s retail is $34.99, but I have seen it for under $30 at most major retailers.

What do you think of all of the new Bandai toys and collectibles? Do you think Bandai should expand their Pretty Pixels line to other licences? I think they would be fun! I am wishing Bandai success this year! Stay tuned for more NYTF coverage here!

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