Thursday, February 14, 2019

Iconic FAO Schwarz Expands to New Locales, New Lines for Kids in 2019! Children Around the World Will Experience the World of Toys!

FAO Schwarz echoes my childhood — toys, fun, nostalgia, family - even after so many years of being a household name, they continue to keep things fresh! Growing up I have memories of class trips visiting FAO Schwarz! After half of a school day at a museum, we were let loose in the world’s toy store where we were lost in the moment playing with larger than life plush stuffed animals, or seeing the actual quite small piano that was super-sized in BIG! I remember watching the movie BIG and just wanting to be apart of MacMillan Toys, the make-believe version of FAO Schwarz. My parents would take us kids there after eating ice cream at Serendipity—what a treat! 

My son getting stickered by a Build a Bear expert at FAO Schwarz. 

Now I can take my children to the new flagship store at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. We visited for the first time after visiting Santa Claus and seeing the tree in December, and my son was in awe of the large clock singing the song I didn’t even know that I still remembered, and the sights and even smells of each level. The Alex spa and Schweetz areas smell divine. Lest I forget the best part, the toys! The pretend supermarket with play food, and shelves and shelves of toys and displays to play. The people who work - they are so warm and friendly, and even though, FAO was seriously so packed, everyone working there was smiling, laughing, and having fun! Why? It's FAO Schwarz, of course! FAO Schwarz is every child’s dream toy store, a place to be free, to be a kid. These moments of childhood are paired with FAO Schwarz, and for being the world’s toy store, it should be enjoyed by the world. 

In a time where we, the children and children at heart, needed a new toy store to get lost in, FAO Schwarz saved the day where children are given levels of enjoyment, areas to play, to pretend, to get pampered, to play piano on the iconic piano keys, to build a bear, and more! Hence my excitement to learn that FAO Schwarz will now be on the go at many airports starting with the ever-changing, and expanding LaGuardia Airport in November 2019. To follow will be Chicago’s Midway Airport and then the Indianapolis International Airport. FAO is partnering with Hudson Group, the kiosks, and small shops at all North American airports—they will now be using that same footprint to create FAO Schwarz and FAO Schweetz shops throughout airport terminals.  Additionally, FAO will also be opening their very first European store November 1, 2019, in Selfridges in London located at the famous Oxford Street location, and will house 20,000 feet of space dedicated to FAO’s product line. You will also see shops in shops stores in Canada’s Hudson Bay company. 

Dorking out at FAO during Christmastume

My favorite section - BARBIE! 

This is not the piano I remember when I was small! I remember it being way smaller!

Many new lines are actually coming out this year too, and not just toys! A new line of FAO Schwarz home foods will be produced with an industry leader in the field, Brittanica Home Fashions. From bedding to soft goods for the home, even holiday decor will be amongst the launch of products. The genius confectioners behind Finders Keepers surprise chocolates, Galerie USA, will team up with FAO Schwartz to create a line of specialty candies, chocolates, and gift sets to commemorate holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas. Finally, FAO will be working with Uncas International to create a unique jewelry line, hair accessories, and keychains that will stay on trend with today’s needs for that market. 

FAO Schwarz will also have a presence in China with a 27,000-square-foot flagship store that is scheduled to open at China World Mall in Beijing in May 2019. This is exciting as they will also work with Kidsland, the largest toy distributor in China with over 300 stores. The presence in China alone will further the reach of FAO Schwarz’s presence within the realm of nostalgia and notoriety. Children all around the world will now be welcomed to their world of toyyyyyyyys! I’m sorry, I really could not help myself!

Have you visited the new FAO Schwarz flagship store yet? What do you think of the new locations and new product lines? I’m most excited to see the airport locations, particularly LaGuardia Airport. Stay tuned to our blog and our youtube channel to get a first look at everything new and exciting in the world of toys! See you at New York Toy Fair!


  1. Hi. I have never been but am 64 and always wanted to go. Maybe I can take my grandkids soon.