Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Video and Toy Review: NEW! Cotton Candy Cuties by ZURU Toys featuring the BEST, STRETCHIEST SLIME Ever!

Happy 2019! It’s going to be a great year for toys! 

Let’s kick off the new year with a hot, new toy surprise by the toy geniuses at ZURU Toys! Zuru’s OOSH line has it all from sparkly slime to their Never Wet Sand, and now they’re adding a totally new kind of slime to the range. If your slime fanatics love soft, squishy slime, then they will love Cotton Candy Cuties! Parents will love the new Cotton Candy foam slime because it’s easy to clean, doesn’t stain hands, and literally clumps up when dropped. I don’t want to say it’s like kinetic sand, but that’s the best way to describe how truly clean these slimes have been while testing and reviewing. Check out our video here for a closer look. You have to stay tuned to the end to see lots of squishing fun!

Cotton Candy Cuties are adorable surprise capsules that are shaped like carnival-style cotton candy. In the large capsule, you will find a scented, stretchy slime with the most amazing texture, and one cutie slow-rise squishy. In the small capsule, you will get scented, stretchy slime. The slime itself is absolutely the best fluffy, stretchy slime I have ever touched! Stretch it far apart, and watch the slime become translucent and crumble a bit, but it never falls apart. Pack the slime hard enough and it almost feels like soft rubber or even smooth styrofoam, and you can “rip” the slime apart. Smush the slime back together, and it becomes soft again - it’s truly a science with this slime! With the large capsule, you get one small squishy that is a super slow rise, and the small one only has the stretchy slime. With four different scents, strawberry, lemon, grape, and bubblegum, it will be easy to collect all of the slimes. There are six squishies to collect in all, and they are very slow to rise, and have adorable kawaii faces! 

Slime is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills as well as providing a calming effect for kids who just need to chill for a second. I feel that products like these from reputable companies like ZURU Toys, really do lend to the kids with sensory special needs. Cotton Candy Cuties’ slime will be a hit in every slime kid’s household. The scents are yummy, the slime is stretchy, and not messy at all. 

Find them at Walmart in early January - small Cotton Candy is $5.97, and the large Cotton Candy Cuties are $9.97.

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