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Video and Toy Review: Moosh-Moosh Cuddly Plushies, Slippers, and more! Perfect for Valentine's Day, Easter, and Beyond!

Stuffed toys have been around for one hundred years starting with a simple, cuddly bear. Fast forward to stuffed animals of today and you’ve got stuffed animals with more character. Moosh-Moosh definitely delivers lots of character and whimsy with their amazing line of stuffed buddies available in different designs, colors, and two sizes! Check out our video here!

Moosh-Moosh are soft, comforting stuffed animals that will be the perfect addition to your kiddo’s plush collection— hug them, squish them, and stack them! Moosh-Moosh stuffed toys have taken their stuffed animal game next level with their unique series of merry characters from friendly sharks to adorable, majestic unicorns. Super soft, and totally squishable, Moosh-Moosh are sure to please even the pickiest plush fanatic.  Coming in two different sizes for big hugs or tight snuggles, the small plush is 4-inches, and the large plush is 12-inches. Don’t let the large size scare you; they’re just the right size to squeeze and love! Moosh-Moosh plush buddies are pillowy soft and cuddly enough to be a nighttime lovey. My son Marcello loves his Moosh-Moosh plush, Itsy the Elephant, and he has slept with him every night since we’ve had him! Marcello suddenly has a fear of the dark and has been keeping Itsy with him right before and at bedtime to help him to sleep. The hearts inside Itsy's elephant ears give him lots of character!

Easily found at retailers like Walgreen’s, CVS, Joann, Michaels, and even Staples, Moosh Moosh’s line includes small to large stuffed animals starting at just $5.99 with adorable characters to cuddle and love. I’m on the hunt for Buttons the totally adorable bunny with glasses just like my son, and for just $5.99, this will make a great addition to his Easter basket! I’m already thinking about Easter! Thankfully, I can buy more Moosh-Moosh at! The small stuffed Moosh-Moosh have tags to hang from a backpack, purse, or even your jacket zipper. 

Buttons the adorable bunny for just $5.99!

Choose from a variety of animals from land and sea from sharks to narwhals, all the way to fantastical creatures like unicorns and adorable monsters with horns. New for Series 3 are a collection of ferociously cute sharks Nibbler and Neptune, along with their brother Crush. You can also find new characters like Spike, an adorable monster, you can get Ash, a devilishly cute red dude. Ash is the perfect plush to pair with a heart-shaped box of chocolates for my little handsome devils for Valentine’s Day! You may even find some leftover holiday exclusives at Michael’s like holiday plushies Mitzy and Ginger Snaps. Series 3 are just $14.99 for the large plush—a great price, and the perfect size to give a huge hug! 

Moms and dads, pamper your tired feet and keep those tootsies warm this Mother’s Day and Fathers Day with Moosh-Moosh’s super cool Slipperz line. You’ll be twinning with your teen too because Slipperz are available in Teens and Adults sizes. Be all matchy-matchy with your tween and teen, which I am sure is something they will absolutely love! Coming in a variety of adorable slipper styles, you can match your slippers to your favorite Moosh-Moosh plush like Doe the Deer in blushing pink, or even Crush the Shark--all starting at just $14.99. That price is fantastic! I love funny, silly slippers to wear around the house, because it gives the kids a laugh, and I have paid $30 for my bunny slippers in the past! Not anymore! I'm getting Moosh-Moosh Slipperz next time. My favorite slippers are Drac the Dragon slippers, the neon green is super cool and their metallic purple ears add just enough sparkle for bedtime. 

Doe, a deer, a sequined deer. 

If your plushies need some sparkle, Moosh Moosh also has a line of Sequin Moosh characters featuring your old favorites like Crush with a sequin surprise face. All of the kids love these surprise sequin toys, and pairing them with plushies are the perfect combination. Sequin surprise has calming qualities, especially for kids with high sensory needs. Sequin Moosh-Moosh starts at $19.99 and will provide that extra added sparkle to your favorite plush. Collect characters like Bubblegum with a fun sequin surprise reveal on her adorable narwhal face. 

The overall quality is impeccable, and have been withstanding the roughhousing and wear and tear of two little boys. My youngest son, Rocco, is only one but he took a liking to Spike. He squishes him so much and I’m constantly checking for pulls or tears, and all seams are tight as a button. Be sure to supervise your littlest ones with these cuddly cuties! Never leave a plush doll, of any kind with your infant. Just sayin', parents!

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Always know that you have a genuine Moosh-Moosh stuffed animal with their signature embroidered twinkle in their eyes. I feel this adds such a nice touch, and really brings each of these adorable Moosh-Moosh characters to life. 

Moosh-Moosh will be adding more to their line of adorable plush in March 2019 with Hooded Blankets, and a product called Skwishys! Check back then to learn more! Thank you so much Moosh-Moosh for sending us so many amazing plush buddies for our review!

Who is your favorite? Check out our video (uploading now!), and leave us a comment there with your favorite Moosh-Moosh plush.

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