Sunday, January 6, 2019

Video and Toy Review: Little Live Pets Belly the Kissing Puppy - Scruffy Pup Really Kisses and Wags Her Tail! Pikmi Pops Jelly Dream Review!

We here at Tubey Toys love the toys that Moose Toys creates from tiny collectibles like Shopkins, Disney Doorables to interactive animals like the Little Live Pets series. Moose was kind enough to send Bella the Kissing the Puppy for our review! Little Live Pets’ Bella is an adorable scruffy puppy that is just so snuggly, you will fall in love with her immediately! Give Bella an Eskimo kiss and she’ll sniff you and give you a kiss back with a realistic lap of her puppy tongue. Pat her head or rub her back to make her tail wag with joy! Bella will nibble on her “food” from her bowl, and when she’s tired lay her on her side so she can sleep. 

With 25+ sounds, Bella will snore while sleeping, have puppy dreams where she wags her tail in the cutest way, whimper for more love and cuddles from your kiddo, and if you give her enough love she’ll say a secret phrase! Included with Bella are her batteries, which are 4AAA that can easily be changed in each of her hind legs. Inside the adorable carnival style kissing booth packaging is a special adoption certificate, and around her neck is a hot pink collar fit for a prissy pup with a bone shaped tag for you to write her name. Bella also has two brothers sold separately named Rollie and Wrinkles. You can find Bella and Rollie at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for $42.99 to $54.99, and it’s for ages three and up. Big thank you to Moose Toys for sending us Bella the Kissing Puppy, she is so loved already. 

Joined by Bella, Santa Claus brought Marcello the new Pikmi Pops Jelly Dream plushies that are 11-inches in size. The Jelly Dream collection comes in a variety of animals and mystical friends like cats, dogs, and unicorns--nine to choose from in total. Santa brought the blue dog, Glint, for Marcello, and he is just so cute and soft. Jelly Dream is a huggable, plush nightlight that provides a lot of comfort for bedtime. There are three glow modes that provide gentle light to comfort and soothe throughout the night. You also get a glow in the dark sticker sheet with a secret message for some night time fun! Perfect for ages two and up, and ranging from $20 to $22 at Target, Amazon, Walmart and more. The Pikmi Pop’s Jelly Dream are the perfect stuffed toy to act as a bedtime lovey or for every day play. Jelly Dream are super soft, have calming colors, and a puffy tail. Each Jelly Dream comes with three AA batteries. 

Pikmi Pops can also be found in fun surprises packs like the new Pikmi Pops and Pikmi Flips, they are adorable scented plushies. We love Pikmi Pops series one and two because of the cute stands, and the adorable little plushies that come inside. The new cotton candy Pikmi Flips all have the same fun exterior, and inside you’ll find a plushie once flipped. Little Live Pets also have more adorable animals to collect from hamsters in cages, to birds on perches and even dragons! 

I’m looking forward to attending New York Toy Fair 2019 to see what’s in store at Moose Toys! Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel as well as turn on post notifications to get notified each time we post a new video. Stay tuned to our blog too for the latest toy news through the eyes of a child, and a child at heart! 

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