Friday, January 18, 2019

Video and Toy Review: Kangaroo Manufacturing Slime Kit Review - BEST Ultra Clear Slime EVER Made with Super Cool Slime Lab - Honest Slime Review

It’s safe to say that children love playing with slime, but the best part about slime is actually making your own homemade slime. Many kids use ingredients like glue, borax, contact lens solution, and will mix in glitter, beads, and even foam. However, how many of your kids use your pyrex and your favorite batter spatula to mix their slime? You won’t have that problem with Kangaroo Manufacturing’s amazing Original Super Cool Slime Lab that includes everything that you need to make the absolute best slime ever! I am not exaggerating, this slime kit is the best. I was able to make ultra clear glitter slime, multi-colored slime, and even the best glow in the dark slime I ever made in my whole life! It sounds crazy, but it is totally true! Check out our YouTube video to see what I mean! Find the whole collection of Kangaroo Manufacturing slimes and the easy homemade slime kit at stores like Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, AC Moore, Party City, and Learning Express. The slime is recommended for children ages eight and up. 

You can get the Original Super Cool Slime lab for just $12.95, and it includes 18 pieces - everything that you need to create amazing homemade slime. The most helpful of components of them all are the three lidded jars that you can use to mix your slime together and then store your slime. Usually, slime kits only include restaurant grade take out sauce containers with cheap lips - the lids from Kangaroo Manufacturing includes strong, plastic lids and a thick reusable container. I used all of my “slime booster,” but I have so much left over of the glitter and borax, so if you have extra glue around the house, you can keep creating more slime. There is plenty of activator (borax) left to make plenty more slime! The other ingredients are just warm water! Super easy, and loads of fun! Kids will learn to measure water out in the included measuring cup, practice patience, and watch the chemistry unfold in front of their eyes. Once you add the borax and water mixture to your glue and water, you can really “feel” the slime getting thicker. You never actually touch the slime until it’s completely done, which is great - no mess, and all around this set is an easy cleanup. Always cover counters, table tops, and anything else you want to keep clean with some paper towel or even a cheap dollar store table cloth will do for added protection. 

The clear slime that I made is the clearest slime ever - if Walter White graded my slime it would be 99.99999998% pure!  Humor aside, slime aficionados will appreciate the ultra clearness of the slime. The Glow in the Dark slime was just so impressive. I used up the whole tiny bag of the glow in the dark powder, and I strongly suggest you do the same as the glow for the slime is perfection! I even suggested to use the glow in the dark as a night light; it really does glow that bright. I also made a multi-colored slime which looks better in person than on camera, my lighting wasn’t the best this video. 

If making slime is not your thing, then definitely look into Kangaroo Manufacturing’s ready-made slimes - from Emoji Poop Slime in a fun, poop shaped container and doo-doo brown color will delight any child or big kid, like me. They also have ready-made glow in the dark slime, which looks cool but it doesn’t glow as brightly as I would have liked. We got the yellow glow in the dark slime, and I really think that is why it just wouldn’t glow. The container, however, is a clever light bulb! There are other glow in the dark slimes available in neon green and bright blue, which I think will glow better. The unicorn emoji poop slime is a beautiful combination of blue, purple, silver, and gold, and with each squish of the slime a new color came out like magic. They also have Jurassic World slime which is a lovely silver and graphite color, and would be a cool addition to any fan-of-dinosaurs’ collection! The ready-made slime by Kangaroo Manufacturing are just $4.95 each. 

Kangaroo Manufacturing is well known for their fun products like Coconut Float, Emoji Universe, and much more cool, low-priced and high-quality toys and novelty items. My absolute favorite product of theirs is the Pop-Oh-Ver the kitchen set collection which represents the ultimate in imaginative play. Check out our review of the Pop-Oh-Ver collection, we love Pop-Oh-Ver because we’re tight on space, and these toys are the ultimate space savers! 

Big thank you to Kangaroo Manufacturing for sending over so many slimes to review! Stay tuned to our next video showcasing the amazing ready-made slime collection by Kangaroo Manufacturing! 

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