Saturday, January 5, 2019

Toy Review: Spark Your Kids' Interests in Science with Magnets! STEM at Play Set by ETA Hand2Mind

At home kits for kids are wonderful tools for learning through play, as well as learning with a true hands-on approach, which is why I love the kits that ETA Hand2Mind makes. Magnets! is one those sets! Magnets! is a  STEM set that encourages the love of science, strengthens core cognitive skills, critical thinking, patience, and the set is just a lot of fun! Magnets! includes a  full collection of magnets with fun tools to boost your child's curiosity to learn through play. Your kiddo will test the power of magnets and why they repel and attract to one another. Take your Magnetic Meeples, genius scientists of Magnetville, for a spin in their roadsters and give them a ride using solely magnet power. Add magnetic discs inside the roadster to cause attraction, and use with a swipe of the magnetic wand watch your Magnetic Meeples go for the ride of their lives! If you put the magnetic discs in the wrong, then your kiddo will find that the magnetic wand cannot move the roadster, but will repel away from causing some pressure.  We thought it was cool so in our video! You can also float magnets, create compasses, and learn what magnetic fields and poles are!  

Included with the set are two Magnetic Meeples dressed as little scientists, two roadsters, magnetic wand (it looks like a BINGO wand!), magnetic discs, and more! You will also get a 36-page guide that details nine different experiments that you can do with your Magnets set. The guide tests you further to explore the power of magnets and to further interest your kiddo in the world of science. Your child, ages and eight and up, will be engaged for sure. My son Marcello is five years old, and he needed some help with this set, but he learned a lot. They have already been covering magnets in his kindergarten class, so this was an exciting unboxing for him.

ETA Hand2Mind are huge supporters of STEM and the power of STEM at Play, and their sets are STEM Authenticated by! ETA Hand2Mind’s kits will encourage your kiddo to learn about Chemistry, Archaeology, Physics, Biology, Art, and more! You can find many other wonderful products by them like a Fizz Chemistry Kit, Bones Biology Kit, and even a Slime Making Kit. The product that they make that I find so interesting is their Rocket Science Kit because you will learn the actual science behind rocket propulsion! I find that to be so cool, and I am so interested to see how my little guy absorbs all of that information. 

Magnets! can be found on Amazon for just $30, and is beautifully packaged to be an excellent gift. The box is chock full of exciting experiments, and because you can use items found at home to complete experiments with Magnets, each time you use it will feel like the first time! You always have to keep it fresh with kids, and this set is sure to please, especially on days when you're cooped up in the house!

Thank you ETA Hand2Mind for sending over Magnets! for our review!

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