Sunday, January 13, 2019

New Disney Doorables Series 2 Collectibles and New Fortnite Mighty Beanz Found at Target!

Fans of tiny collectibles rejoice!

New Series 2 Disney Doorables are on the shelves Target and at!! I’m going to faint from the cuteness! Toy Story, Wreck-It Ralph, The Lion King in fuzzy (found in multipeeks), and more of your Disney and Disney Pixar favorites are available in Series 2-check out our full case unboxing video here

Old favorites from Series 1 get new variations like Pua, the cute piggy from Moana, has a spoon. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are wearing dresses Frozen Fever. Check out the collector's guide images to see who you can get this series. Stay tuned for our video as I have a full case to open! I'm not playing around this time! Check out our past Disney Doorables unboxing videos from series one to familiarize yourself with this adorable new collectible series. 

Also, fans of the hit game Fortnite will love the new Moose Toys Mighty Beanz collectibles sets also found at Target for only $4.99 each! There are 35 Mighty Beanz to collect in all! Even if you are not a fan of Fortnite, the Mighty Beanz Fortnite M-Rating for some are a whopping 400 points! There were over 100 Mighty Beanz to collect in series one, and now you can add these exclusive ones to your collection too! 

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