How to Make Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Forky Best Super Easy Tutorial Tube...

We met Forky last year during a short teaser trailer for Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 4 where all of the characters we know and love from this beloved and iconic film pranced around in a circle to the also iconic Judy Collins’ Both Sides Now (a hit in 1969, 50 years after later the song has once again been heard commercially to a whole new audience). We see Forky stumble and mess up this amazing moment in trailer history when he yells that he is not a toy and shouldn’t be there. “You are a toy!” - the words still so raw from the first Toy Story in 1995 when Woody yelled at Buzz Lightyear to knock some sense in him and wake him from his space-age dream world. What makes these toys come to life, and what has given Forky life? He’s just a spork! Will it be the love that a child brings to be the answer to why all of these toys are alive and having meetings on how to keep batteries fresh? We will only be able to find this out in June 2019 when Toy Story 4 gets released in theaters. I am counting down the days!

For now, I will be unboxing many of my toys form my personal Toy Story collection with the help of my own Forky! If you want to make your own Forky too, then see the instructions below! 

How to make Forky, the new spork “toy” in Toy Story 4

Hot Glue (ask for a grown-up’s help)
For Rainbow Sticker: Scissor, paper, glue stick to make rainbow “sticker”, markers

Stuff you will need
1 spork with four tines (there are ones with three)
1 can of white play doh
2 popsicle sticks 
1 small piece of red yarn (I cut a piece of Jessie’s hair-she said it was okay!)
2 googly eyes-one big and one small
1 small blue rubber band
2 popsicle sticks
1 small rainbow sticker
  OR if creating your own rainbow sticker 
one sheet of paper and markers (purple, blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red) -if you don’t have one, simply trace the top of of your pinky finger. Color the rainbow as VIBGYOR, cut, and paste onto popsicle. This will be the “left foot.”
Pink blush or pink eye shadow for cheeks 

Watch our tutorial video here. Or follow simple instructions below.

First, print a picture of Forky or use the image in our video for guidance. First you will need to attach the rainbow sticker to a popsicle stick. The sticker should be placed on the left popsicle stick near his “foot.” Glue his eyes on first. The large googly eye is the right eye, and the small googly eye is the left eye. Then create his mouth with  a very small blue rubber band - one that you can find in those craft loom sets. Dab a dot of glue in the center of Forky’s face and let the “mouth” dry on that glue. Then shape his mouth to any nervous facial expression adhering bottom portion with another dab of glue. Then add a line of glue above his eyes in a bow fashion. Adhere yarn hair to make unibrow. If you want to leave it loose, you can do that too by applying a dab of glue on either end. Then you’ll really be able to change his facial expression. Then wrap the red pipe cleaner around his neck like a scarf making both ends even. Tie each end to make his hands into a half bow, then curl the end like a thumb, do this twice to make both hands. Finally, Forky’s feet should be an “x.” I didn’t cut the feet because I want him to be able to stand on his own. I made an “X” with the popsicle sticks, and glued them together. Next get a ball of white play doh ready. Then glue Forky’s base to the popsicle sticks. Work quickly and form the dough around the feet and base. Finally, apply a little blush to make him really come to life, which is optional! Voila! Meet Forky, the first non toy character that is alive in Toy Story!! 

What do you think of my tutorial? I feel like it came out awesome!! 


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