Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy 36th Anniversary, Joy of Painting! Host A Totally Chill Bob Ross Themed Party Any Day With Fun Games and Puzzles!

What are you doing this wonderful FRI-YAY?! Today, January 11, 2019 just so happens to be the anniversary of Bob Ross’s premiere of his beloved PBS show, The Joy of Painting! Get your fan brushes at the ready, and a fresh tube of titanium white and let us celebrate the legend, Bob Ross. I used to watch Bob Ross at least once a week when I was a kid as PBS was the only interesting channel I had access to in my cable-free home. I thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds of his show, from the tapping of the brush against the palette, to the mixing of the paints, and finally the most primo sound of them all, the huge paintbrush hitting against the canvas! Bob Ross was ahead of his time and is immortalized in the many YouTube follow along videos (most recently the almight mountain challeneg in November), pop culture relics like Funko POPs, Chia Pets, coloring books, board games, puzzles, and even party decor

Take your Friday night next level, and honor the iconic Bob Ross with a fun collection of party games and puzzles by Big G Creative - publishers of other fun games like The Brady Bunch party game featuring America's favorite blended family or even the holiday hit Home Alone party game with rascals Marv and Harry trying to outsmart Kevin, the eight-year-old kid left home alone for Christmas!  

Bob Ross was the epitome of chill and positive acceptance. He even referred to his mistakes as “happy little accidents,” instead of focusing on a messed up part of his art, he would expand on it by turning a wrong turn of the paintbrush into a branch of a tree or a flying bird. Honor Ross’s mantra with the super fun game appropriately named, Happy Little Accidents by Big G Creative! This game will open your mind up to new, unexplored territories of your brain all while bringing you and your friends and family closer together. Turn obscure squiggles and shapes into pieces of art and rate other players and award points for their hard work! Published in September 2018 by Big G Creative, Happy Little Accidents includes markers, a writing pad, voting tokens, 54 cards, sand timer, instructions, and that Bob Ross verbal poetry that we all know and love! Available only at Target for just $19.99, for ages 10 and up, and perfect for a group of three to six players, Happy Little Accidents will just make you smile and be happy. 

Kick back and embrace the almighty chillness of Bob Ross with the fun game The Art of Chill. Show off your artistry skills and your epic chillness by reaching “maximum chill” first. Two to four players start off in the hot area of the game board, and in order to reach maximum chill, each player must use their own hand of cards to “paint” with Bob. Fill up your palette with the appropriate colors and tools Bob actually used for that particular painting to advance. The more cards that you match to his painting, the more times your little cube moves through the chill meter. Published in 2017, The Art of Chill game continues to be a staple at Bob Ross themed parties, and what a great way to commemorate Bob’s overall chillness by mimicking his very own unique style, calm, cool, collected, and just chill! Find The Art of Chill found at Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Urban Outfitters for $24.99. 

Take a break from the gameplay, and start a puzzle! Puzzles are fun to do with friends or even alone, especially puzzles that reveal the artistic abilities of Bob Ross!  Commemorate Bob Ross and the 36th anniversary of his first episode of the Joy of Painting with three amazing pieces that he painted on the show! Big G Creative publishes a few fun titles to get you into the creative mood, and channel the overall essence of Ross! Puzzle over titles like Autumn Woods, Mountain Reflections, and Roadside Barn--all 1000 pieces each. Autumn Woods (October 8, 1986) featuring happy trees with almighty mountains in the background, Mountain Reflections (May 6, 1987) where the water reflects the softness of the tree’s leaves so realistically that I want to dive right in for a swim. Finally, Roadside Barn (March 18, 1987), we’ve all seen them hanging back on the side of the road on a car ride through the country. Oh, the stories they must have within their walls. Bring this barn to life just like Ross did over 30 years ago. Not sure which puzzle to start with? Bob Ross’s first episode on The Joy of Painting was Walk in the Woods, and in this painting, there are plenty of happy trees so I would pick up Autumn Woods as my first puzzle to tackle.  Once complete, each puzzle will measures 19.25” x 26.625” once put together. Others will also be happy to note that the Bob Ross puzzles are made in the USA, the majestic USA that is! You can find all three puzzles sold separately on 

Happy gaming, and happy anniversary Bob Ross! 

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