Thursday, December 6, 2018

New Toy Sneak Peek by YULU! Introducing SNAPSTAR - the new hot toy trend for 2019!

We have an exclusive sneak peek for a hot, new toy line for 2019! 

YULU, the masterminds behind super fun family-friendly games like Cut the Wire, Tic Tac Tongue, Hackathon, and Operation Escape Room have announced a new toy line coming January 2019 called Snapstar! I wasn’t given too much information, however, I was told that this new toy launch will be the "biggest, coolest, trendiest, most innovative brand of our time and it’s arriving in style!" Arriving in style? These superlatives are getting me super excited! I’m so pumped to see what Snapstar is all about, and I am wishing away the month of December to get to this launch! The silhouette in the teaser photo looks like poseable dolls to me, and a new doll line by this already innovative company will be sure to add some freshness to everyone’s toy hunts and collections. From the looks of it, these girls in the teaser photo are super stylish, have ultra cool accessories like handbags, and have amazing hair. They also seem to know how to pose for the perfect selfie, too! YULU is already so original with their super interactive board games that I know this new toy line will be a huge success. 

I can only imagine that Snapstar will provide that same element of fun and interactive immersion like cool and hip accessories or maybe even fun characters. Are we meeting a new doll line? Are we, the consumers, becoming the dolls? Snapping a selfie, styling our own dolls and their clothes, and then sharing our creations in an app on our smart device? Wouldn’t that be fun?! What do you think? Take a look at the photo below and leave me a comment of what you think this new toy could be!

We’re looking forward to Snapstar! Snap, Style, Share! Follow Snapstar on Instagram (@Snapstar_official) and on twitter (@SnapstarWorld) to stay totally up to date with this new innovative line! You can also visit their website for the latest news on this mysterious, new toy line! Stay tuned to our blog and channel for any new developments too!

Do you have any games by YULU? Check out our toy review channel on YouTube for a whole slew of Yulu games reviews! 


  1. I think my daughter is going to be very excited about this. It seems like something she would be totally into. I can't wait to find out more!

  2. SNAPSTAR are such cool dollsI love that you can have photoshoots in the app with them. Have you found them at Walmart yet? I have been hunting and no luck!

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  4. I can't wait they are so exciting

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