Friday, December 7, 2018

Hands Free Board Games to Conquer Holiday Road Trip Boredom! Show Off Your Coolness with the Amazon Alexa App!

Some families may want to disconnect from the smart devices during the holidays, but if you’re looking to eat up time before the holiday dinner is on the table, or if you’re on a road trip with the kids-- why not download the Amazon Alexa app and play some fun, easy, and totally free games? Build up that social bar with your kiddos, and show your sick gaming skills with any of the games below. You don’t need an Amazon Alexa device at all - you just need a smartphone or tablet to download the free app. 

Playing games with my smart device using Amazon Alexa is totally new to me! We had reviewed When in Rome a few months ago, and the game includes a game board and tokens, but Alexa is there to guide you so you don’t have to read instructions. Alexa acts more like a friendly host and will play along with you and motivate you, too. Alexa has a personality for sure, and she made the gameplay totally fun and fluid! There are a bunch of other games that are totally free to play, and you don’t need an Amazon Alexa to play these free and fun games either. The free games are totally interactive and are so much fun to play. 

My favorite game to play with Amazon Alexa is Word Mine. Word Mine is for a person who loves Word Jumbles or Scrambles. You’re given three letters that are mixed up to start, and to get out of the first level of the mine, you must make a word from the jumble of three letters. Once that first level word is unscrambled, you are given a new letter to add on to the original jumbled word by Alexa. Every day explore a new “mine” by filling your rucksack with completed words. It’s really a fun game to play when with a small group of people, or with kids. 

Play Tic Tac Toe hands-free with Alexa, and call out your plays by calling out tells like “top right” or “bottom center.” I haven’t played Tic Tac Toe in a long time, so playing it hands-free and with Alexa was very fun! Playing Tic Tac Toe like this will test your memory skills, and will definitely require some strategy because Alexa is always one step ahead. We have always ended up in a draw! 

Akinator is a great group game that will knock your socks off! Again, you can play this game from your smartphone. Download the free Amazon Alexa app, sign in, and get started! Akinator is 20 Questions with the twist of Alexa as the Akinator, a mind reader who will blow you away with her knowledge and her mind-reading ability. I chose Mickey Mouse as my answer, and she asked questions like, “Does your character wear shoes?” or “Does your character fight crime?” You also don’t have to give simple “yes” or “no” answers. The Akinator will accept, “maybe” or even responses like “sort of” as acceptable replies. Of course, Alexa got it right! Alexa does preface gameplay with an age discretion, but as long as you play with your kiddo and choose kid-friendly answers, Alexa’s questions should not be wildly inappropriate. 

Who loves BINGO? We love the game BINGO, but it’s always tough to find a BINGO caller in our house. Never fear, Alexa is here to save the day! Download the Alexa app for your smart device, and then download the BINGO cards for free, and play away! BINGO is so much for the whole family, and Alexa will call out the numbers like a true BINGO caller extraordinaire! 

Stay tuned for my best board games to play during the holidays post coming this weekend! I have compiled a huge list of amazing board games to play when the family is in town. 

Happy Holidays! Happy Road-tripping, too!

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