Fun, Silly White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas for Holiday 2018 All Found for 70% off at Zulily!

Last Christmas you gave me your heart, the very next day you gave it away. Sorry, but I have that amazing holiday tune stuck in my head all year long because my five-year-old son loves that song, and now it’s your turn! 

Seriously though, last Christmas the adults in our family decided to hold a White Elephant gift exchange instead of giving the whole gang gifts we didn’t want or need. A White Elephant gift exchange guarantees interesting out of the ordinary gifts, and huge laughs to boot. White Elephant gift exchange is a no holds barred gift unwrapping frenzy where gifts can be stolen from other recipients, swapped, or kept! You place all of the wrapped gag gifts in the middle of the table or floor, whichever you prefer, and you decide who will unwrap first. The next person can steal that gift, or continue unwrapping another gift. You all do this until all gifts are unwrapped, and marvel over the somewhat useless yet extremely funny gifts that you all received. 

When you’re purchasing your White Elephant gift, you’re buying this gift for anyone in your party, so you really have to be creative. Some people actually host themed White Elephant gift exchanges. Our family just had an old-fashioned White Elephant gift exchange. However, some of us got the memo, and some of us didn’t. Finding quirky gifts should seem easy, but last year I had a very tough time! I ended up buying a fake box and stuffing a gift card inside with some doody themed items. Totally lame! Hence why I am super excited that Zulily has so many awesome and silly gift ideas for a White Elephant exchange or a gag gift in general that I had to just share! 

Let's hear it for my awesome sister fighting breast cancer! She was the recipient of a singing toilet paper holder and a gift card last Christmas! Way to go on being discrete when going number two!

Check out my top picks below! Zulily is my go-to site for everything awesome. You can shop from your computer, or from your smart device because their app is super easy to use! I have been a shopper of Zulily since 2013 when my first son was born, and I got the coolest onesies with amazing movie quotes and sayings, as well as, baby necessities like organic clothing, toys, and more. Zulily curates a selection of products at heavily discounted rates from top brands to up and coming brands. Zulily is not just for children’s stuff, you can decorate your home, find amazing deals on clothing and jewelry, too! If you’re not a member of Zulily, you should really sign up as you can save up to 70% off on many hot items all year long. Not convinced? Then go check out their Holiday Shop and take a peek at all of the great toys they have for 70% off - better than Black Friday deals, plus you can shop in your pajamas! Pajamas! Deals! I’m in!

This is a fun fact that will help you with your White Elephant exchange purchase: women and men were surveyed about their top quirky gift pick for a White Elephant gift exchange. Women preferred to receive Whimsical Garden Figurines (like gnomes), and men picked Bubble Wrap BodySuits! The Bubble Wrap BodySuits seem very useful!

Be totally extra with this amazing wine glass that serves as a decanter for your wine. Not only is this gift useful, but it’s practical for any wine connoisseur, they’ll love how they don’t have to keep pouring themselves a glass because you know they were going to finish the whole bottle anyway! This is a gift that will keep giving and giving! Made by our friends over at Big Mouth, Inc. 

Doody! This is a must-have add-on gift for any White Elephant party. The corn bits are so realistic. The fake doody really is a “gag” gift! Am I right?! Also by Big Mouth, Inc. 

Tiny hands are very trendy this holiday season, so wow the other recipients with this doozy of a gift-- Tiny Cat Paws! Get two of Tiny Cat paws, so you can have tiny paw cat fights after the gift exchange. 

Spring is coming, and your garden needs a Gnome to rule the realm. The Game of Gnomes garden statue would be the perfect gag gift for this holiday’s White Elephant exchange.  I immediately fell in love with it! 

The purr-feat gift for the cat lover, or just someone needing to hide their face! A huge, realistic Cat Mask is just the ticket to be the envy of the White Elephant gift exchange. Big Mouth also makes this amazing Crying Baby mask that will be sure to please any recipient of this amazing gift. Did you know that 27% of New Yorkers would prefer the Giant Crying Baby Mask as their gift this year? I have two crying babies, so this New Yorker will pass. These masks are great ideas though, and would make for hilarious selfies. 

Start saving in style, and really put your money where your butt is with this fun and silly butt bank. The price is totally right at $9.99, too! 

Wiping your coolie has never been more expensive with this funny, and totally accurate roll of cash for toilet paper. It’s all about the fiber and Butt-jamins baby! 

Poo-pouri was given last year at our White Elephant gift exchange, and you can find an ample selection of Poopouri products on Poo-pouri is this magical spray the you spray before you do number two. It really works! There are so many options to choose from that are natural smelling and fresh. I personally like the Poo-Pouri gift set called The Master Crapsman!  

If you have kids in your White Elephant exchange, you have to check out some of these funny shirts that zulily has to offer! I especially love the MC Hammer shirt and the dabbing unicorn. 

Fart! It’s a great word, and now a board game, too. Your farter or father will love FART! the board game! It even comes with a soundtrack of all of our favorite fart sounds. 

Perfect for an impromptu three marker challenge is this Home Alone coloring book. Find it on Zulily, and be the winner of the White Elephant exchange. 

Be the ultimate 90’s icon, Butt-head, from Beavis and Butt-head with this super crazy mask! I loved watching Beavis and Butthead, so this just gets me right in the feels. Huh-uh-uh she said feels. 

Finally, my favorite gift to give no matter what kind of occasion is Mad Libs. Zulily has this amazing holiday themed Holly Jolly Mad Libs book. Mad Libs are perfect for those young and old, and if you think carefully for each answer, you will enjoy a very fun read back! 

Now, take what you have learned and go! Go and buy for your epic White Elephant exchange! Zulily seems to have it all, but you have to move fast. I’m sure by the time you have finished reading this post, many of the items above are already gone. Never fear, there are plenty of items I didn't include, and they add new items every day. Act fast! Happy Holidays!

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