Friday, November 9, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Write-On Slime, Gold Glitter Galaxy Slime Set by Slime Factory (Magic Time)

Slime Factory by Magic Time has a fun collection of novelty slimes for your sliming pleasure! We were sent a fun package full of slimy goodness with their Super Slime, DIY Slime Kit, Write-On Slime Kit, and Slime Sucker figure!

The Gold Glitter Slime is packaged in a fancy container, and inside is slime that looks like it was spun from the finest gold. The Gold Glitter Super Slime is just dream, and leaves beautiful remnants of gold glitter on your hands, which washes off easily. This slime makes fancy fart noises and creates cool bubbles. The gold glitter slime is stretchy, rips apart, and is just the right amount of ooey-gooey; super satisfying! When you’re done with slime time simply put it back in the container and close the lid for later play. 

The Slime Sucker is my favorite from this collection! There are three to collect in all: a Unicorn, Goozer (it’s like a slime-loving alien), and a Narwhal. We got the Narwhal, the half whale-half unicorn, and it is just awesome. The slime sucker literally sucks up the slime that is included with the set, and then it “spits” it out. It’s just a funny sight, and totally fun to do! I tested to see if it suck up the Gold Glitter Super Slime, and that Narwhal gobbled it up! I can’t wait to test out more slime, and to find the rest from this collection.

Writing on your slime never was easier with Slime Factory’s Write-On Slime! Included in the Write-On Slime is a laser pen, and the trick is to write very close to the slime and your writing and drawing will show up on the slime. You can pull the laser light pen away and it’s almost like an airbrush effect. 
you can write or draw directly on to the slime. The slime does not glow in the dark as I originally thought, but it is so cool!

For just under $5, you can get your own DIY Slime Kit by Slime Factory, and they come in a variety of slime styles like Galaxy Slime, Gold Glitter Slime, and Glow in the Dark slime! Your slime is ready in minutes, and Slime Factory makes it super easy to mix the ingredients together. Each kit comes with everything that you need to make your own slime. The only thing you will need is a bowl to mix, and a container to store it. 

Big thank you to Slime Factory by Magic Time for sending this amazing package to us! We had so much fun with this review. 

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