Saturday, November 24, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Rub a Dub-Dub! Fizzy Magic bath bombs -- perfect gift for the holidays!

Make a splash for your next bedtime with a super cool boxed set of homemade, hypoallergenic bath bombs made of organic ingredients. Fizzy Magic bath fizzy bombs come in delightful discs or round balls that just smell so heavenly and sweet! We tested a few in our recent video, and to my son’s delight inside each of the Fizzy Magic bath fizzies is a toy surprise. There are different collections and themes to choose from and each bomb has a clue on it, so before you pop the fizzy bath bomb in the water, reveal the clue, and while the bath bomb fizzes into the water, your kiddo will be able to think of his or her answer. The collection we reviewed in our video came from the Safari Collection, but you can also get Sea Life or Farm collections. Each box includes five different bath fizzies each with a surprise animal figurine inside, Clues, Fun Fact cards, a lovely carry bag for your trinkets and cards, and a digital story perfect for bedtime — all for $24.95, which is a great value and would make the perfect gift for this holiday season. If you want to purchase them as a set, break them up for stocking stuffers, or you can buy them individually for $7.45. Fizzy Magic bath sets are the perfect gift for kiddos ages four through nine. 

Overall, I find such a great value with Fizzy Magic bath bombs — they left our hands super soft, and the color didn’t stain our skin. Using Fizzy Magic bath bombs in the bathtub are totally okay, my dad is a licensed master plumber, and he said as long as it dissolves, it’s okay to use! They definitely dissolve and do not leave your tub or sink stained either. Fizzy Magic bath bombs are handmade and totally safe for your little one’s skin. 

A portion of proceeds from each sale is donated to Graham’s Foundation, a wonderful charity supporting the funding of children born prematurely. Graham’s Foundation is such a worthy cause, my own nephew was born prematurely, and a care package from Graham’s Foundation would have been so helpful to my sister and brother in law. I don’t think people understand how hard it can be to watch your innocent little baby be locked in a little incubator and hooked up to a bunch of wires and tubes. The inventor of Fizzy Magic bath fizzies, Illinois mom Mary Westerhaus, knows this horror as her own two children were both born prematurely, which why she supports this worthy cause. 

Feed your child’s enthusiastic need to collect by building a love for educational trivia and collecting adorable animal figures from bears to stingrays to camels to roosters; your kid will just love bath time! 

Thank you so much to Fizzy Magic for sending us this amazing bathtub box of Fizzy Magic goodies!

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