Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Oliver the Ornament World Kindness Day Keepsake Give Away

Win your own Oliver the Ornament keepsake set!

Do you have that one special ornament that you have to put on to your tree first? Maybe you got your little one an ornament for their very first Christmas? I have an ornament for my first Christmas married to my husband, and it is such a special reminder that each year we get to spend the holiday with our most favorite person in the world! Now, we have two little ones to share the holidays with, and they have their own collection of special ornaments that adorn our Christmas tree each year. Now, is your time to reflect and share stories about your favorite ornaments, and telling these stories, your appreciation for these keepsakes will grow even more. Start a new tradition with Oliver the Ornament, an ornament, and storybook that talks about caring, togetherness, and shares a solid and positive message about being kind and caring to others.

Oliver is an ornament that started his journey with a couple form their very first date. Along the way, he makes new ornament friends, but through the years Oliver starts to get bullied and broken. These experiences break down Oliver’s spirits, but with the help and guidance of the innocence of Holly and Henry, the children give Oliver the Christmas spirit again. Oliver bands together with his fellow ornaments to make that Christmas the best one yet! The spirit of the holiday is in everything from tree ornaments to the memories we make surrounding the tree.

You can find your own Oliver the Ornament on Amazon or on OlivertheOrnament.com where Oliver and his friends are sold. There are seven books in this series, and each book comes with a special ornament. The first book is Oliver, and the second book is Belle the ornament. Make this a new family tradition, and get your own collection of Oliver the Ornament and friends today! The creators of Oliver the Ornament make sure to spread kindness and caring by sharing their story of Oliver to sick children around the country. Win your own Oliver the Ornament here! 

Thank you to so much Oliver the Ornament for sharing this amazing story with us, and this powerful message that it is cool to be kind. 


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