Video and Toy Review: NEW! Who's Your Llama? Poseable Figures that Spit, Wink, and more! by JAKKS PACIFIC!

If you're looking for the next collectible craze, then look no further! 2019 is kicking off with these adorable, new llama poseable figures by Jakks Pacific called Who's Your Llama? Each llama can do one of four different silly things like spit (they can spit water from their mouth!), stick their tongue out, wink, or give you a big, bucktooth grin! You'll be able to start your llama collection in January 2019, and with 12 mystery llamas to collect in all, you'll want to finish this collection as they are so cute! You can find them at any one of these stores in 2019 in the US: Walgreen's, Cracker Barrell's Country Store (connected to their yummy restaurant), Big Lots!, and Party City. I am sure they will be coming to Target, Walmart, and Amazon soon after. If you're in the UK, you can find them at ASDA now! Lucky ducks in the UK! Or, I should say llucky llamas! 

The funny backstory to these llamas is that they live quietly in a secret village in Peru where they are either high fashion, high endurance, or high anxiety! Each llama has their own personalities that go hand in hand with their fun outfits, cool hairdos, and back stories. Roller Llama likes to move fast, and Dreamy Llama likes to chill out in her pajamas, Luches Llama is always ready for a fight, and Deli Llama knows 40+ varieties of sandwiches! I love that they each have their own unique silly feature like spitting, smiling, winking, or sticking their tongue out. You can even switch their heads, and outfits for some mix and match fun! 

Overall, the size of them is perfect! They are super easy to dress, my five-year-old son did that with ease. They have removable accessories like wigs, hair barrettes, bow, and more! There aren't any really super small pieces that require you to store separately, and they are just so stinkin' cute! I can't wait for us to find some more!

Super big thank you to Jakks Pacific for including us in this LLAMA LLAUNCH! 

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