Saturday, November 10, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Emzo's Kawaii Squeezies Series 6 Rainbow Go Squad - New Squishies!

If you've got a squishy obsessed kiddo, then you should definitely look into Emzo's Kawaii Squeezies! There are six different series to choose from featuring yummy snacks, fantasy creatures, and now series 6 includes the new Rainbow Go Squad -- a collection of unicorns! Each member of the Rainbow Go Squad stands just under two inches tall and they all differ with features like big flowing hair, fairy wings, or metallic unicorn horns.  

You can buy Emzo’s Kawaii Squeezies Series 6 Rainbow Go Squad online on their website for just $2.99 each or find them in-store at retailers like Target and Walmart. Kawaii Squeezies are the most reasonably priced super slow rising squishies out there, and their small price tags allow for great stocking stuffers for the holiday season! You get nothing but quality, and magical characters with each series, which is why we love our squeezies! Each package is a surprise, so you never know who you will find, which makes the search even more fun! Series 6 Rainbow Go Squad is even more magical than the last series with 12 beautiful unicorns to find, and each one has their own unique characteristics. Take your squeezies with you where ever you go with the handy removable keychain that is already attached. The packaging itself is so whimsical with the rainbow handle! 

Big thank you to Emzo’s Kawaii Squeezies for always thinking of us with each series launch! We love them!


  1. I have always been a fan of Unicorns. Now, I have nieces that also love unicorns. Sharing this with them would be such a bonding experience.

  2. My daughter loves unicorns so I know she would flip for these especially since they're a squishy too.