Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Elmo & Friends Activity Set by Green Toys Best for Learning Colors and Sensory Play!

Win this set courtesy of Green Toys and Tubey Toys!

Playtime and learning go hand in hand with the Elmo & Friends Activity Set by Green Toys. Construct your favorite characters from Sesame Street like Elmo, Grover, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and Cookie Monster with the help of dishwasher-safe utensils like a  The set comes with all of the tools to re-create your favorite characters as well as cool die-cut parts to complete your dough art. This set is perfect for a four or five-year-old to keep them busy quietly, or work in tandem with your toddler (as little as two years and up can enjoy this set) and re-create the cast of Sesame Street. Each set comes with primary colors red, blue, and yellow, and they mix together beautifully to create secondary colors. Marcello mixed together yellow and blue to create green dough to make Oscar the Grouch.

There are so many benefits of playing with the dough at an early age. Not only will it spark creativity but your kiddo will learn hand-eye coordination, build social skills, and enhance fine motor skills. Using the different tools also prepares kids to hold a pen or pencil, which is a necessary skill to learn. Freehand play with dough is also helpful as your kiddo squishes, squeezes, and rolls the dough they are exercising different muscles in their hands. 

Green Toys makes a wonderful line of dough that is made from organic flour, is food safe, and there are dishwasher safe parts for a super easy cleanup! The dough is great for teaching toddlers their colors as all of the dough is safe to touch (and if eaten they’ll be fine - don’t tell them that though!). The dough is non-toxic and is made in a food-safe facility, which means it is good for your kiddo to play with and super easy to clean up, especially to clean from the included activity card. There are 12-piece set includes a star extruder, a spaghetti extruder, scraper, knife, roller, rolling cutter, safety scissors, two-sided activity card, pop-out features sheet, and three tubs of dough. The dough really goes a long way. We were able to create all of the characters, as well as a cookie for Cookie Monster, and even a plate of delicious spaghetti with star shaped meatballs. 

You can find this set online for $24.99 at GreenToys.com, Barnes and Noble, Target and Walmart. I found a great deal on BarnesandNoble.com going on right now where you can find it for $20.99, as well as save  25% off on ALL Green Toys products! Time to stock up!

Big thank you to Green Toys for sending us this awesome set for our review.

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  1. An Oscar The Grouch set would be cute!

    1. Oh my! I totally would agree! Oscar is in this set, but the Grouch needs his own for sure!

  2. PJ mask would be a good edition!

  3. My son dressed up as Oscar for Halloween and my daughter dressed up as Elmo, so we'd probably make those two characters first. But, they'd love creating all the characters. :)

  4. The muppets Paw Patrol Disney would all be cute ideas

  5. I would make him sin you are my sunshine commented here and on the you tube feed

  6. Cookie Monster would make a great set.

  7. I think Mojimoto should sing You are my Sunshine.

  8. I would love to see Poppy and Branch from Trolls