Saturday, November 24, 2018

Video and Toy Review: DIY Ooz-o's! Little Balls of Slime with Toys Inside! Kids Will Love This Set! PERFECT Holiday Gift!

Ooz-o’s Slime Surprise are do it yourself slime kits that now have little toys included to put inside the ball! When you burst the Ooz-o’s slimeball open, you get a satisfying squeeze of slime and a cute little surprise. Each set is for kiddos ages six and up, and you can get this set at Target; you can make 20 Ooz-o’s balls with each set! I put small vinyl Disney Tsum Tsum figures inside a couple of my Ooz-o’s and they worked like a charm. Stay tuned for some fun videos that include these fun balls of slime!

It could be that I am a mom, or just kind of insane in the membrane, but I never have any luck with DIY Slime Kits, but Ooz-o's are different! They come with easy to follow instructions, and you can even go to the Ooz-o's YouTube channel for extra inspiration and easy how-to guides. 

These kind of crafts are great gifts for kids because it keeps them busy and it teaches them useful tips on following instructions, plus they are so proud of themselves with the end results! The biggest craze now is anything slimy and squishy which is why anything from the Horizon Group USA product range is affordable and necessary for your kiddo’s stocking or gift for the holiday! With titles like Ooz-o’s, Fizzygloop and Squish-O’s, your kids will love saying them as well as make them! Ooz-o’s are squishy balls that you create, then squeeze to pop and feel the gooey center! Fizzygloop is just that fizzy gloop! Create fizzing slime and watch your creation turn into SLIMYGLOOP! I feel like Willy Wonka is behind these fun names! Squoosh-Os are create your own stress balls with fun themes - relax in style, strengthen your wrists, and just let out the sillies with these cool sets! And they are all - drum roll please! $5 each! Grab them at Michaels, Walmart, 5 Below, Target, Walmart, and at Barnes & Noble. 

Thank you so much Horizon Group USA for sending over Ooz-o’s for our review!


  1. Oh my gosh my daughter would love these! It's 2 of her favorite things combined, slime and toy surprises.

  2. I have to get my daughter some of these!