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Top Toys for 2018 Holiday Toys for Cars Loving Kids! From Race Cars to Ride-Ons! Christmas 2018 Hot Toy List!

I have such fond memories playing with cars as a kid. I grew up in the eighties and nineties, so it wasn’t that cool to play with Hot Wheels as a kid. I had this awesome baby blue Hot Wheels case that my Uncle gave me from his personal collection, and I used to store all of my cars inside. I remember going metal detecting at the park with my grandmother, and we used to find Hot Wheels buried in the dirt! It’s safe to safe that playing with cars brings a lot of fond memories back to me, so when I watch my sons play with cars it just brings me great joy! I have two boys, and already, my one year old loves playing with my older son’s die-cast cars. I already know what Santa is bringing them this Christmas, so I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on the coolest race car tracks, and cars themed toys for your littlest racer fan! 

We have to start with Hot Wheels Ultimate Gator Car Wash, especially since Hot Wheels has turned 50 this year as well. The Hot Wheels Ultimate Gator Car packs it in size, and fun! There are ramps for the vehicles to go down to get a wash. You can add water in the well at the bottom, and a color-changing vehicle (included) will turn colors in the water. There is a conveyor style belt that will bring up the cars to the very top of the car wash, and the hot wheels cars can go down two different ramps. My son, Marcello, first spied this set at TTPM Holiday Showcase, and he played with this toy for a good 20 minutes before I dragged him away. Santa may have a hard time bringing this big toy to our small apartment this year, but it is on my radar, I mean Santa’s radar for sure! This set retails for $69.99, but snag it now for under $60 at Target and Walmart. At Target through November 10, grab it for just under $45 with a coupon when you text TOY to 827438 (one time use, so choose wisely!). 

Like I said, my toddler loves cars, so when Brio sent us this adorable camper playset to review, he went nuts! Brio makes quality toys that are realistic, well made, and lots of fun, and I feel their line of toys from the My Home Town range really tells a story, which makes playtime a lot of fun. The Brio Camping playset comes complete with a cute couple and their dog, a kayak, their car, and their camper. The camper attaches to the car’s tow hitch, and you can even put the kayak on top of the car while they’re driving to camp. Once camp is set up, the couple can go to sleep in their camper with their dog inside as well. For $34.99, I find these toys to be well worth it, and savvy parents will thank you for such a thoughtful gift. Not only is the Camper playset fun to play with and nice to look at your kiddo will fine-tune their fine motor skills, develops gross motor skills, and will spark their imaginations as well as sharing quality playtime with your babe. 


The Mack Super Track Transforming Vehicle by Mattel is the set that my son, Marcello, has told me several times that he will be asking Santa for this Christmas, and after reading about it more, I know why! He already knows how hard it is for us to store anything, and this set ticks off all of the boxes including storage. The price is pretty steep at $100, but I will definitely be scouring the Black Friday ads for this set, to help out Santa, of course. However, for $100 the price is justified because it packs in a lot of cool features like lights and sounds effects. You can transform Mac into racetrack mode and use the launcher to start the race. This set also works with all of the 1:55 scale Disney Cars die-cast vehicles. If Santa can afford this set for Christmas, we will definitely test it and review it for our channel and blog! With four play areas, and another mode of play where Mac is a he push toy, this playset brings so much bang for your buck! 

Go all in with the new Skullduggery MaxFlex RC 300 race track! Included in the set are two remote controls that also act as chargers for your two race cars, charge up your cars and race for hours. Watch your racecars speed around the track and leave glowing light trails behind! With super easy set up you can design your own track set in just minutes. Perfect for open-ended play, your little ones will also benefit from helping you build the track. Not only are there many elements of play and fun with race car sets, but the educational value is priceless, too. The Skullduggery MaxFlex RC 300 race track is the latest, and top of the series of Skullduggery MaxFlex tracks that they have produced, and has earned The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. Grab it at Target, Walmart, and at for $99.95. The high price tag is totally justified by its many hours of fun per week that we have with this set. This is the perfect gift for a lucky kid, or as a family gift for the holidays. I will be sniping for Black Friday deals for this one, so stay tuned to our blog. 

Magic Tracks is a super cool set with lights, sounds, and so many ways to set up an epic track with the flex track. You get maximum fun within this set, and with over 10 feet of flexible, bendy track the possibilities to make winding tracks are endless. Add in some books for height, plastic cups can make tunnels, or even bust out your bricks to give your track some architectural appeal. For $29.99, you get a vehicle with lights and sounds, remote control that runs the race car, multi-colored track pieces, a ramp, and a four way connector. The remote control is the best part The morning allows kids to slam on the brakes, shift into reverse, honk the horn and more, but also allows the race car to go into turbo mode. While in turbo modeThe multi-colored track pieces also glow in the dark and leave light trails as your race car races at night or in a very dimly lit room. If you have other Magic Tracks sets, make the ultimate set by connecting the flexible track pieces together. There are two different colors to choose from a cherry red race-car or bright blue car. Personalize your car with the fun decals that feature poop emoji, lightning bolts, and more! Each vehicle plays musics and realistic sounds, as well as has six brightly colored lights. For ages three and up, Magic Tracks are available for sale at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger and

Build an epic race car with Clicformers Speed Wheel, brought to you by the geniuses behind Magformers, you will get a STEM toy that truly allows for creativity, critical thinking, team building, as well as, skill building. The manual provides the steps to take to build the race car, but Clicformers truly allows creativity to shine because you build on, especially if you have other Clicformers sets. All Clicformers sets are compatible with one another. For just under $30 and for ages four and up, this set is the perfect price point for the best holiday gift this year! Easily store you build with Clicformers clicking mechanism to easily stack and store. You can find this set on, Target, and Amazon. You can also win this set, by entering here! 

Readysetz playsets are not race tracks, but they do have awesome ramps for your die-cast vehicles to zoom down! We have the small Urban playset, and this set gets played with like no tomorrow. We pair our favorite action figures and cars with this set, and we have ultimate battle royales with high-speed chases and combats! Once play time is over, easily fold up your playset flat for the easiest storage ever. The small playsets can easily fit on a standard bookcase shelf, and it folds flat enough to between a wall and furniture. Make sure you save the box, as it stores in there perfectly. You need to check these out, visit their site now and if you want to buy one, save 15% off with our unique offer code TUBEYTOYS15 until November 15, 2018. You also can apply free shipping to your order. 

Go on an out of this world adventure with Magformers Sky Track play set! There are three different sizes of the Magformers Sky Track set You can purchase the Magformers Sky Track set in a 35 piece set for $59.99, the 44 piece set for $99.99, and a 64 piece set for $129.99 - all for ages three and up. We tested the 44 piece set, and I feel it is just the right size to store and to build a great track. Of course, we wish we had more pieces to expand our track, but the 44 piece set is just right, and is already a hot seller! The set looks like a futuristic monorail, and it features elevator life for the shuttle to travel to the next level of the track, and there is a 360-degree spin track that spins your shuttle allowing for ultimate g-force! This set is out of this world, and you can find it at, Target, and on Amazon. 

The Metal Machines Construction Destruction set is awesome! The motorized booster features two fast, spinning wheels that will launch your vehicle through the maze of the construction site. Barely escape the claw of the crane through an obstacle course of flying boulders, and sharp turns at scaled down breakneck speeds! This set is for ages four and up. It includes two die-cast sports cars in green and red, a boulder and launcher, a motorized booster to give your cars that needed a boost to make it through the course, and the various track pieces. This set does require two D batteries. Thankfully, I always keep different sized batteries on hand! Keep this in mind when purchasing this set. You can find the Metal Machines Construction Destruction Playset at Walmart and Target for an extremely reasonable retail price of $19.99! This is an excellent gift, and totally so much fun! 

Another amazing set by Zuru is Metal Machines T-Rex Attacks race track with two insanely sharp loops. You can launch your vehicle named, Wild Thing, with the rubber band launcher, and it zooms your car directly towards the mouth of the T-Rex! Knock down the barrels you can place in the T-Rex’s mouth, or knock down the T-Rex with Wild Thing! You can knock down the T-Rex when the race car travels through his mouth and it knocks the flag to the side, which activates the T-Rex’s leg to go to its side, and he falls down in all his prehistoric glory! Zuru’s Metal Machines T-Rex attacks is for ages four and up and is sold at Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us Canada. This set is only $9.99 at Target, and totally worth it! 

Go! Go! Smart Wheels has been a staple toy in our house since Marcello turned one, so I was totally excited to see that they now teamed up with Disney to turn our favorite characters into Go! Go! Smart Wheels vehicles. V-Tech Go! Go! Smart Wheels are wonderful play-sets for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Baby Rocco loves his Mickey set so much that we got him for his first birthday! Sets are as low at $19.99 and include one vehicle, and if you have older Go! Go! Smart Wheels Sets, you can piece the tracks into the new sets. They are wonderful toys that teach problem solving, fine motor skills, and communication. Go! Go! Smart Wheels are a great starter set for your budding race car driver!

Trix Trux is the ultimate set for your monster truck fan! Each set is $19.99, and it comes with unique track sets that will make your monster truck tumble, scale an aerial track, and rumble like you’re off roading! We had the pleasure of reviewing this set, and whenever we play it, Trix Trux brings non-stop action and fun! I love how easy it is to store once play time has ended, because you’re not playing on a conventional track - the tracks are like rubber “wires,” and they conform to the base of the monster truck, thus, allowing for seamless tricks. Make your Trix Trux do crazy stunts by driving upside down, scale a gravity defying zip line right side up or upside down; the possibilities are endless, and so is the fun!!! You can find this set on and on Amazon. 

Stay on trend with LEGO Fantastic Beasts Grindewald’s Escape set! Build a fully articulated carriage fit for a grand wizard in the making with open and close doors, and a removable roof. This set features mini figures Seraphina Picquery and Gellert Grindewald, and once built battle it out just like the scenes from the movie! Priced right at just $19.99, this is the perfect set for your LEGO builder ages seven to 14. Throw in a few Harry Potter/Fantastic BeastsLEGO Minifigures blind bags for just $3.99 each.  
The Stretching & Speeding Elasticycle set is beautifully painted, totally fun to play with, and truly a multifunctional toy! The bright red finish is so smooth and so realistic. I wish the panel lit up to give it a bit of an even more realistic effect. This toy requires no batteries at all, so it’s really a great toy for a birthday gift or other event because you can unbox it and start playing immediately. When you’re done launching the elasticycle from the ramp, you can remove Elastigirl from the elasticycle and continue your imaginative play! To play, you clip the elasticycle on the ramp, crank the handle, and let her go! The cycle zooms down the ramp and across the room! You don’t even need the ramp to play, because the cycle stands on its own. Another element of play is the removable, poseable and stretchy Elastigirl figure! I really think this is such a nice touch! Elastigirl is fully poseable, she has joints at her hips, knees, and her head spins. Elastigirl’s arms stretch really far, too. For ages three and up, our four-year-old has a blast playing with the set! You can find it as cheap as $34.99 on Amazon or you can find it at Target for $39.99. The set comes with a removable helmet, the elasticycle, Elastigirl, and the launch ramp. 

Have an older car fan that is kind of old for the toys I listed above? Then bring on the nostalgia! The geniuses behind the World’s Smallest line, Super Impulse, has created a line World’s Smallest Hot Wheels cars, and not only are they super small in scale, and totally cute, but you can race them down the World’s Smallest race track, too! The World’s Smallest Hot Wheels are made of real die-cast as well, and they are packaged in their iconic blister pack. My five-year-old son loves these little cars, and so do I! The tiny Hot Wheels cars race super fast down tracks, and glide with easy down ramps. There are three different ramps to choose from as well as three different series of Hot Wheels cars now out. The packaging alone will pull at their heartstrings. Pair all of this with the World’s Smallest Rally Case that can hold six World’s Smallest Hot Wheels vehicles (one car is included already). The World’s Smallest Hot Wheels line ranges from $4.99 to $12.99, so they would make great stocking stuffers and gifts for the holidays! Race cars aside, World’s Smallest also has a cute vehicle assortment featuring Fisher Price’s Little People (this would make a great stocking stuffer) for $4.99 each, it includes the iconic tractor, fire truck, and car, and little people to boot!

Little cars not your thing? Have a kid that wants to travel the great wide open, then this Power Wheels Barbie Dream Camper is the ultimate gift this holiday season. Set your sights on the open road with the Power Wheel Barbie Dream Camper. This is a ride-on toy and it is about $400, but it includes a full immersive playtime experience with its full outdoor kitchen, and real camper feel! Take outdoor play to the next level with the cool play food, and even a campfire to roast marshmallows. Never be lost with your super cool pretend navigation system. This is like my dream toy! Ah, to be a kid again! 

Smash and crash your vehicles and have a BLAST with the Crash Racers Figure 8 Circuit by Far Out Toys! For any kiddo that loves to race cars or crash them together, this is the set for you! For ages, five and up, this set was rocking my five-year old’s world at Sweet Suite! He got on the floor and crashed those cars like he was at home. I have a good solid 10 minutes of video of him exploring this amazing set! You charge up your vehicles for just 10-seconds, race the vehicles and when they crash, they smash! The cars literally come apart in easy put back together pieces for continuous smashing and crashing - a little boy’s dream! Or girl’s dream! 

Mr. Banks from the Real Workin' Buddies line by Jakks Pacific has it all -- a moving vehicle that will help your kiddo's gross motor skills, and it is a STEM toy! Best of both worlds if you ask me! Mr. Banks is designed to looked like the most secure vehicle in all the land, an armored truck! Inside the truck is a removable coin sorter and a removable bill tray. Mr. Banks provides multiple uses of enjoyment as he can be used as a bank, and as a real moving vehicle. The wheels really work, and Mr. Banks says over 50 funny, engaging, and unique phrases. Leave Mr. Banks alone for a couple of minutes and he will fall asleep and dream of money, “overfeed” Mr. Banks and he’ll fart and burp, and you can also hear Mr. Banks root your kiddo on to keep saving! With lights, fun sounds, clever interaction, a cool handle for easy transport, and ease of movement, Mr. Banks is the best toy to strengthen Math skills, teach patience, teach the value of the dollar, and more! Also, we tested a Canadian bill, and Mr. Banks happily took the money. Available now in stores like Target and Walmart, pick up Mr. Banks for your holiday toy list! Mr. Banks includes 4 AA batteries and is for ages three and up. 

Bubble Guppies toys are back and better than ever! Surprise your littlest guppy with the new and improved Bubble Guppies Swimsational School Bus by Just Play! The set comes with lovable Mr. Grouper, Gil with new fin bottoms (no more gliders!), a sign, and real working fin that goes back and forth when you push it. The bus also has a neat carrier handle to transport the rest of the gang to and from school. The set is for ages three and up, and is only $19.99! Be sure to check out their other products in the Bubbles Guppies range including bath squirters, Molly Bath Doll, and a collection of adorable plush dolls! 

We are super excited to see that Super Monsters now have their own line of toys! Join the Super Monsters as that sun goes down, and they turn into their monster selves. Super Monsters is a show on Netflix and is follows the children of the monsters, and we see their spooky, fun adventures. Now you can pay with poseable figures, and this cool school bus! It has real working headlights, bat wing open and close roof, and the figures sit perfectly inside. You can grab this set for under $30. It’s truly spooktacular!

Get your construction worker in training the ultimate ride-on vehicle, the CAT Mining Dump Truck by Kid Trax! It’s 12V powered, so you know you’re not only getting power but a long range of playtime with a full charge. There are real working lights, and it includes boulders that your kiddo can haul around. For $349, this is an epic gift! Haul boulders at a top speed of 5 MPH while navigating bumps with the Power Trax rubber traction strip tires - only the best for this vehicle! Safety is key with these ride-on toys and Caterpillar and Kid  Trax implemented many safety features in order to ensure safe play time for your kids. Your kiddo will feel like a real builder with his own yellow Caterpillar plastic hard hat, a CB like communicator, working horn and lights, and engine and construction-themed sound effects. There is a max weight cacti of 130 lbs, and children ages three to seven are recommended to use this toy. Also included is the 12v battery and a handy wall charger when not in use. 

Finally, I saw this Hot Wheels set and my heart skipped a beat. The Hot Wheel Sto & Go Playset is back! I wanted this set so badly when I was a kid! Hot Wheels is now calling it the Throwback Sto & Go Playset, but it still packs the same amount of punch it did from 1987! Get a car wash, zoom down the curved ramps, fill up the tank, and ride the open road with this awesome playset. Once playtime is over, store your Hot Wheels cars inside safely! Going out to Grandma’s? Then take this play set along, because there is a nifty handle to carry it around. This set comes with five Hot Wheels vehicles, and it’s beautifully packaged. This set is awesome, and I know the kids will love it with the open and close garage doors, handles to release the vehicles - from start to finish, it’s just insane! Totally swooning now! Grab this set for $39.99, but Target has a sweet deal now with their TOY coupon! Grab this set now!! 

If I see anything more that catches my eye, I will be sure to add them to the blog, but these are my top faves for the holiday season! I’ll be sure to be watching out for Black Friday deals for all of the items above, and if I win lotto, I’m buying them all! Haha! Check out our YouTube channel too, because there are lots of great top holiday toy videos!

Happy Holidays!

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