Monday, October 8, 2018

Video and Toy Review: YULU Spycode HACKATHON Family Board Game - Exciting Puzzle Game for the Whole Family!

YULU knows how to get your heart racing with their Spy Code series of games; you can feel like an FBI agent, escape from a locked room, a MacGuyver like puzzle solver, and even a lizard! We love YULU over here, so when we received Hackathon to review, we were up for the challenge! Hackathon is definitely a challenge, but once you get going and get the hang of it, it is so much fun. Hackathon is a cooperative game; everyone works together to deactivate the console. The console itself brought us back to a simpler time, a time where you had to “dial up” for your internet. Once you load the three AAA batteries, set the flash drive to start in the motherboard, turn the console on, and WOAH - you will immediately be transported to the sounds of 1992 with that dial-up modem. Click over one notch with the flash drive to start your first puzzle, the console will light up a number, and the Advisor will solve the puzzle according to the numbered card, he or she must work it out and then the Operator is given the clues to deactivate the console. I just want to add that kids today have the world at their fingertips, us 90’s kids had to wait until our mom got off of the phone to instant message someone, or update our AOL profile with the latest song and movie quotes. Well, that’s what I did at least.

Back to Hackathon! It’s for ages eight and up, perfect for two to nine players, so get a group together to be the Operators (the people who deactivate the console), and the Advisors (the people who solve the puzzles and relay the information back to the operators via the game cards). My husband and I played because Marcello is just starting to read, so don’t expect to play this game with your five-year-old, and my hubs and I had a blast playing! Our objective was to deactivate the console so we can get away from our screaming child. We deactivated the console, but we still have a screaming child. YULU, please make Break Free: Parenting Edition. Jokes aside, Hackathon yields hilarious results, it’s heart pumping gameplay, and puzzle solving will keep you on your toes! Solve the puzzle before you get hacked, or before your kid explodes!

Grab Hackathon only at Target for $29.99, and make sure you get it for the holidays or for New Year’s Eve for an uproariously good time!

Thank you YULU for sending us Hackathon for our review!

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