Sunday, October 7, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Stikbot Monsters Halloween Unboxing Super Poseable Figures for Easy Stop Motion

Zing’s Stikbot Monsters are the perfect trick or treat for Halloween! Stikbots are a wonderful way to ignite your inner filmmaker. Imagine the possibilities with each scene and movie with the super easy to pose figures, and now they have even more articulated super-sized monsters!  

There are six spooky themed Stikbots to collect this Halloween from a creepy clown to a four-armed half-man half-insect! Get inspired by a gigantic Stikbot Monster equipped with dragon’s wings, chomping open and close mouths, and massive beastly bodies; you’ll be cranking out the ghoul-tastic films in no time at all. Use the handy Zing app to create your very own Stikbot movies by snapping photos in the app, add music, cool backgrounds if you're using green screen, visual effects, and more! You will be creating your very own Stikbot masterpieces is easier than saying “trick-or-treat!” 

Stikbot Monsters surprise toys are just $4.99 each and available in the US at Target, Walmart, and Five Below for $4.99 in the US. If you’re in Canada, be sure to pick them up for $5.99 at Mastermind Toys, and Toys R US. Stikbot Monsters are Walmart exclusives and $9.99 each. 

Thank you so much Zing for sending us this screamingly good package! Let us know what you think of our stop motion Stikbot movie! It’s very sloppy, but I tried! 

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