Video and Toy Review: Skullduggery MAX Flex RC Race Track Review

Go all in with the new Skullduggery MaxFlex RC 300 race track! Included in the set are two remote controls that also act as chargers for your two race cars, charge up your cars and race for hours. With super easy set up you can design your own track set in just minutes. Perfect for open-ended play, your little ones will also benefit from helping you build the track. Not only are there many elements of play and fun with race car sets, but the educational value is priceless, too. Not to mention the valuable quality family time you will have! Order a pizza, set up this track, and race into the night all while watching the race cars leave behind hypnotic trails of glowing light! 

Race two car using infrared (IR) technology to move your race cars around your own, uniquely designed flexible track. Zoom up bridges, cut corners like you’re at the Daytona 500, and leave a ghostly trail of light in your tracks. Every set comes with flexible track that can be color blocked using the two colors: blue and orange, or you can alternate track pieces to give your track the look of more speed. Once you get these cars going, you will be amazed at their speed, and the light trace technology: the light trails that these cars leave behind are just so cool!

To start up, make sure you put 4AA batteries in each remote control and charge up your race cars. When building your track, I would suggest that you start with the corner ramps, and that will help you decide which zigs, zags, and death-defying turns that you want your race cars to travel. You can build ramps and bridges, too, which gives this track even more depth and dimension! I have never ever played with a set like this before, and I know showing this off to friends and family will make us the life of the party! That’s right, I’m taking this with us for the upcoming family get-togethers because it is so easy to build and take apart that storage is a breeze. 

Control your vehicles with the remote controls that also act as chargers. Pull the trigger to watch your vehicle zoom off onto your unique design track, or push the trigger to go in reverse! Hit the lights, and then the real magic happens. My favorite part of this set is so simple; it’s the super cool light trails that the race cars leave behind! Watching this set in action really is so much fun! We are literally having days and days of racetrack fun as we have not put the set away yet. 

The Skullduggery MaxFlex RC 300 race track is the latest, and top of the series of Skullduggery MaxFlex tracks that they have produced, and has earned The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. Grab it at Target, Walmart, and at for $99.95. This is the perfect gift for a lucky kid, or as a family gift for the holidays. 

Check out our silly video where Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope joined in on the fun, too! We have more videos coming of this awesome set in action in the daylight. Even with the sun up this set is even more fun!

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