Saturday, October 20, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Roll & Play Best Game for Toddler! Learn Colors, Express Emotions, and Have Fun With Your Toddler!

Roll and Play by ThinkFun! is the first game you should buy for your toddler! Connect with your kiddo with this game that is super easy, and easy to follow instructions. Feel at ease leaving your oldest child with your youngest as they and play and explore the colorful card categories - from making animal sounds to making silly faces - there is plenty of fun to be had as an onlooker or as a player! This is definitely a game that two small kiddos to play together to give the parents a little break! Each card refers to a specific category like Emotions, Body Parts, Counting, Colors, Actions, and Animal Sounds. Each category will prompt you and your child to identify or act out simple tasks. Wiggle, shake, clap hands, find specific colors, count objects, and more will get your little kiddo up and playing. I played this game with my five-year-old and he even had a blast. He is just learning to read, and because of the magic of sight words and the colorful graphics, he was able to “read” the cards with zero help from me! Okay, he did confuse a turkey for a chicken—watch our video to see the hilarity! I have a 14-month-son, and he was not into the game, but from experience, I can say that this game is a valuable tool in any parents’ arsenal of toys and busy keepers. 

The game is a collection of categorized cards and a color-coded soft cube. Each player rolls the cube and must pick the colored card that they rolled. There is no winning or losing—just having fun all while learning and building essential communication skills. Roll and Play had us laughing, moving, counting, and having a great time. The game cube is big enough for a toddler to grab and throw it—that’s what my toddler does right now, he throws everything he sees, and the Roll and Play cube has now been added to his favorite toys to throw. I’ll introduce the cards to him in a few more months. Roll and Play is for ages 18 months and up and will make the perfect gift for that age. I even recommend introducing it even earlier because the cards are so colorful and will make great flash cards to identify sounds of animals as well as counting numbers. I also love that it includes a category for emotions! Emotions are very important for your toddler to grasp as they are a warm, cuddly ball of emotions! Am I right? Identifying and acting out different expressions like a silly face vs a scared face are milestones in themselves! 

Make Roll & Play apart of your play time routine—just a few minutes of gameplay per day will boost social skills, and strengthen your bond with your child. I could definitely see this being used in the classroom for special needs children as this game really promotes social activity and collaborative learning. Each child will be able to listen and observe what the other child is acting out. For older kids, I would suggest making the role play or actions category into a guessing game-- like charades. 

Big thank you to Roll & Play by ThinkFun! for sending us this fun game for our review! I’m upset that I just discovered this game only recently as this is definitely a game you should keep in mind as a new parent— the skills that you strengthen and build are invaluable like gross motor skills (rolling and picking up the cube), social skills (actions card), learn to follow instructions, math skills, and more! We love this game, especially me, and I will be definitely gifting it to other moms to be. 

Check out our video on our YouTube channel to see Roll and Play in action! You can purchase Roll and Play on Amazon for just under $20. 

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