Thursday, October 25, 2018

Video and Toy Review: ReadySetz the Perfect Backdrop to Imaginative Play! Action Figures Will Love Their New Home!

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Unleash your creative side with your favorite action figures, die-cast vehicles, and pure imagination with ReadySetz — the perfect backdrop to open-ended play! ReadySetz is innovative, sturdy, and vibrantly decorated playsets that fold flat for easy storage. You can keep your ReadySetz inside of the shipping box, or tuck it away behind furniture, the small set can even be stored in your bookshelf. Storing inside your kiddo’s bookshelf will give your child easy access to imaginative play! I am simply blown away by the craftsmanship of ReadySetz, they withstand my son's active play and my own durability tests. I love how easy it is to store, and how much creativity oozes from my kiddo's noggin whenever we break out our ReadySetz Urban playset.

ReadySetz come in two sizes, the small set is $65 and the large set is $95 and can be purchased at We reviewed the small Urban Playset, and I found it to be just the perfect size for my son’s action figures to have awesome fights with the bad guys! Made of a very durable cardboard, it folds open in seconds. Adjust each play area to your play style with double sided ramps for fast moving vehicles, or put a ramp on each side.  Ramps can be clicked into place on each side of the side wear any die-cast vehicle including Disney Cars, Hot Wheels, and Matchbox will glide down in style! There are numerous areas to play including back rooms accessed by open and close doors, staircases that go upstairs and downstairs to real rooms, back rooms with secret tunnels, grates that open and close, windows that pop open, and more! The branch out cardboard pieces like billboards, and helipads give the Urban Playset plenty of interest. I found a lot of humor in the Urban Playset as this set particularly looks like the run down side of Las Vegas. There is also a really cool Space Playset, which would be a fun backdrop for an epic galactic Star Wars battle! Make sure you go to to pre-order the Space Base Playset to give your Star Wars toys new ways to defend the galaxy. 

From imaginative play to filming silly skits, as well as toy photography, ReadySetz sets the scene in style. I sincerely hope they come out with more scenes, I really can do some skit filming damage with these sets! It was an absolute pleasure to review, and ReadySetz will most likely be featured in many more of our videos! Big thank you to ReadySetz!

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