Video and Toy Review: PacMan Is Even Better Than Before With Wreck It Ralph Power Pac Figs!

Enhance your PacMan gameplay with the new Wreck It Ralph 2 Ralph Breaks the Internet Power Pack Collectibles set by Bandai. The Power Pac collectibles set by Bandai is exclusive to Target and is $39.99, and you get exclusive Disney Princesses that can only be found in this set! Each figure has its own unique game code that can be entered into the PacMan Wreck-It Ralph game. Unlock each character to reveal a different skill to help PacMan in game. We think these figures are just so much fun! Wreck-It Ralph is already our favorite movie, but pairing my favorite game from my childhood with it just pulls at my heartstrings.

Each figure is durable vinyl, they are not articulated but they are great pieces to add to your Wreck-It Ralph collection! We love Wreck-It Ralph and are so happy to have added the figures for more pretend play. Each figure has a red or blue clear stand but can stand on their own with the help of pixel bits holding them up. Look closely at each Disney Princess and you will find little special nuances that make each figure super special. Mulan is wearing a varsity jacket and she has Mushu on the back to the jacket. Rapunzel is relaxing in her hair and eating a donut in comfy PJs, she is wearing shoes for once! Merida is wearing relaxing hiking style clothes and has a bear on her shirt. These little bits really make me smile! 

Display them, play with them, and make sure you enter the game codes to make your PacMan gameplay even more fun! Ralph smashes the brick walls, and Fix-It Felix is right behind him fixing them, Merida shoots arrows at the ghosts, Mulan releases firecrackers, Vanellope glitches to warp zones, and Rapunzel knocks out the ghost with a frying pan! So cool!

Let us know what you think of our video, and leave a comment with your favorite figure!

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