Friday, October 19, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Fingerlings UNTAMED Boneheads Doom & Gloom and Jailbreak Playset Review

It’s Ferocious Friday and today we reveal one-half of the new Boneheads, Doom and Gloom! They are glow in the dark Fingerlings Dinosaurs that are totally ferocious and totally without skeletal muscle. The new Boneheads have to be the most artistically and beautifully done Untamed Dinosaurs in the history of The Untamed - they are just wondrous. We especially enjoyed them because of their ferocious attitudes and their ability to glow in the dark. 

WowWee sent us an epic package including Doom one of the Boneheads along with the new Jailbreak Play-set. The Jailbreak set is awesome as it comes with an Infrared Dinosaur that has glowing eyes and glowing teeth with a black light, and there is also a nifty handle to easily transport two Untamed Dinosaurs. There are also two doorways! One doorway on the side allows you to easily place your Untamed Dinos inside. The door in the front allows them to break-out with full action! Pull the lever, and watch out as your dinosaur will pounce out at you! The effect is pretty cool, especially when your ferocious dinosaur is turned on! 

With multiple touch points, your untamed fingerling dinosaur will roar, chomp, and even fart! Doom and Gloom are each $14.99. The Jailbreak Play-set is actually a great deal for just $24.99, because you get the infrared dinosaur fingerling, too. Your kiddos will love playing with the set! Check out our funny skit, and instructional video. The price points for each of the items and all Fingerlings/The Untamed really make them for great gifts for the holidays. You really have to grab them when you see them as they go super fast!

Thank you so much WowWee for including us in this super fun launch! We had so much fun with our YouTube video, please share and subscribe if you haven't already! WowWee really knows how to pack in the fun! 

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