Thursday, October 11, 2018

Toy Review: STEM for Toddlers; Never Too Early! The Learning Journey Techno Kids Stack & Spin Gears Set

The Learning Journey produces a wonderful arrangement of educational toys for babies and children that will jumpstart their zest for learning! We love The Learning Journey’s Match It! Word Puzzle sets. Get a jumpstart on engineering and critical thinking with The Learning Journey’s Techno Kids Stack and Spin Gear Set. This spinning and moving gear set will add a new element to playtime as well as sprinkle in lots of learning fun, too! There are two sets to choose from which are the Basic Set for $14.99 and the Super Set for $19.99, and you can buy the sets at major retailers like Walmart and on The Learning Journey online store. Building toys like the Stack and Spin Gear Set will spark your child's creativity, will teach spatial awareness, and will strengthen problem-solving skills. It’s never too early to start your children with STEM toys. 

Geared for ages two years and up, pardon the pun, your kiddo will be mesmerized with the workings of this set! The sets are colorful and easy to play with, and easy to store after playtime has ended! Each gear is made of sturdy plastic, and I did not notice any small parts, but you should still watch small children with these sets, as I saw my toddler gnawing on some cogs to feel them out. Each base plate snaps together to make different combinations of designs, then your child attaches cogs to the baseplates to make them move in unison. Stack the cogs from the largest to smallest to learn about different sizes, and children will learn cause and effect when their pieces do not move. The gears are interchangeable to create fun color combos, learn about patterns, and more. My five-year-old son plays with the Super Set every single day, and I watch him troubleshoot and figure out the best way to piece the gears together to make them all move at once. 

The Stack and Spin Gear Super Set is a great value as it includes 18 brightly colored gears, 12 baseplates, and one hand crank - I think it’s the hand crank that really gets my older son’s gears turning! The Stack Spin Gear Set is a thoughtful toy and will get your kiddo’s mind working. My one-year-old was interested in the spinning gears too, and I noticed that he can really strengthen his fine motor skills as he liked turning the small gears on the baseplate. To add in some more learning fun, I added in some letters to build small words, and my son turned the crank so the letters could fly off! 

Big thank you to The Learning Journey for sending us the amazing STEM toy for our review! Stay tuned for our video on YouTube channel. 

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