Holiday Toys 2018: Hasbro Super Monsters, Hot Wheel Gator Car Wash - Coolest Toys for Christmas 2018!

Here is part two of our Holiday Toy coverage at TTPM's Holiday Showcase 2018! There are so many wonderful, new toys that will be sure to delight your kiddos. Be sure to check out our holiday gift guides to find the best toys for the best bang for your buck!

First, we visit the Mindware booth. Mindware makes the best-scented putty with fresh scents that will relax your senses with their spa line and yummy familiar scents like peanut butter and jelly. They’re sold in 3-packs under $11, so you can break them up and share them, or keep them all for yourself. Mindware also has a fun cooperative game called Gnomes at Night where you and friend play together to get out of the maze. You’re not playing against one another but together, so everyone is a winner. If you both get trapped, you both lose, so work together to solve the puzzle. A toy that Marcello really loved at TTPM was the Q-BA-MAZE 2.0: Starter Lights Set, which is a building toy and you have to puzzle together the correct routes for the ball to travel. When it reaches a certain point, the blocks light up. There are different collections with variations of color so you can get the cool colors with cooler temperature colors like blue, clear, and green. Or you can get the warmer collection with warmer tones like orange, red, and yellow. The starter lights set is a mixture of colors, and will be sure to delight you or your kiddo! The Starter Set is $34.95, and smaller sets are $24.95. 

In the Hasbro booth, there was a world of cool toys waiting for us! Let’s begin with the new Trolls hair slap bands. Starting at $3.99, you get a mystery slap band inside and each one features characters from The Dreamworks Trolls movie. Their hair extends and wraps around your wrist, so wear your new toy everywhere you go! New My Little Pony blind boxes are out called Friendship Party. Each capsule includes two surprises featuring friends from the Cutie Mark Crew. Also new for toy surprises are the new Disney Princess collection featuring your favorite Disney Princesses for series one. We love this Play-Doh Poop set where you can fashion your own Play-Doh poop! Dress up your poop in 50+ variations. 

Fur Real Ricky The Trick-Lovin’ Pup will grab the attention of everyone with his know how to do some adorable tricks! Our favorite was when he grabbed his own treat from his note. 

Connect 4 Shots is a new way to play Connect 4 by flinging your colored ball into the game board. Play it in a closed off area as these balls bounce like crazy. 

Who doesn’t love Fortnite? Now you can play it in Monopoly form and take over the land by monopolizes by the board! No weapons needed, and no parachute either! We are super excited to see that Super Monsters now have their own line of toys! Join the Super Monsters as that sun goes down, and they turn into their monster selves. Super Monsters is a show on Netflix and it follows the children of the monsters, and we see their spooky, fun adventures. Now you can pay with poseable figures and this cool school bus! It has real working headlights, batwing open and close roof, and the figures sit perfectly inside. 

From magic with Harry Potter to mayhem,  with a new collection of surprise dinosaurs, Mattel has a little something for everyone! Imaginext toys, dinosaurs, Polly Pocket play sets, the Barbie Dreamhouse and Lil Gleamers joining the crew of hots, but the show winner was the Hot Wheels set! 

I think we spent the most time in the Mattel booth. Marcello could not stop playing the new Hot Wheels Ultimate Gator Car Wash. This is a massive toy, but it does a bunch of cool things. There are ramps for the vehicles to go down to get wash. You can add water in the well at the bottom, and a color changing vehicle will turn colors in the water. There is a conveyor style belt that will bring up the cars to the very top of the toy, and the hot wheels cars can go down two different ramps. Marcello played with this toy for a good 20 minutes before I dragged him away. Santa may have a hard time bringing this big toy to our small apartment! 

Set your sights on the open road with the Power Wheel Barbie Dream Camper. This is a riding toy and it is about $400, but it includes ride-on toy fun as well as playtime fun when you set up camp. It includes a bunch of cool accessories like an outdoor play kitchen, playfood, and even a campfire to roast marshmallows. Never be lost with your super cool pretend navigation system. This is like my dream toy! Ah, to be a kid again!

The Mattel Harry Potter poseable dolls collection truly are dream dolls. All of them look so real, I felt like Hermoine was going to tell me to stop filming her. Even Ginny looks fabulous with her two-toned colored hair. Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonnigal look fantastic in their intricately detailed robes. Harry and Ron are the pictures of perfection too. 

Going in back in time to The Toy Insider’s HoliDAY of Play where we saw Mighty Beanz and Lil’ Secrets. The cutest part was Lil Live Pets puppy that gives kisses, rolls overs, and is just the cuddliest plush puppy ever! Three different pups can be yours this holiday season! Back at TTPM, In the Moose Toys booth, we saw the new Pikmi Flips! They are the latest in Pikmi Pops and inside you will find reversible Pikmi plush, and they are heavenly scented! They are soft and sweet like cotton candy. MiBro is the coolest and hottest toy by Moose from their Really RAD Robots line! MiBro isn’t your typical toy robot, because you can teach him cool tricks, and team up with him to prank your friends. With MiBro be a pranking master with the Really RAD Remote, you can speak through it and add different filters to change the sound of your voice. It defends you from enemies with its attachable blaster, and you can even attach a tray to serve you treats! 

Finally, check out Scout, he’s a ride-on pony that you can care for by feeding, brushing, and nurturing him. Once he’s fed and happy, go out for a ride on your Kid Trax Rideamal. Scout even has his own stable; Marcello desperately wanted to “park” Scout inside the stable. Scout is pretty pricey at just below $400! 

It was party time in the Spin Master booth where every pop results in an explosion of colorful and shiny confetti with new Party Popteenis! Buy them individually, or as huge party parks. They have even added fun play-sets to the line because each capsule contains party guests and accessories. Spin Master has now officially added series 4 to the mix of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles. This series is called Hatch Bright and you can illuminate your little hatchy friends and watch them glow. Each Hatchimal CollEGGtible is translucent to really let the light shine through. We even saw Princess T and Princess Pham from Princess Toys Review in the Spin Master booth, so it made it super magical!

IMC Toys’ line of babies called Cry Babies will pull at your heartstrings, and your paternal instincts will kick in once these babies start tearing up. Soothe them and comfort them with their pacifier to make the waterworks stop flowing. Choose from one of four babies Coney, Lammy, Lea, and Lala, or adopt all four. 

Ryan’s World Toys will have a whole new way to interact with Ryan. Starting November search for the giant golden egg, and inside you may even find the golden ticket! This golden ticket works Willy Wonka style, but instead of eating lots of chocolate from a chocolate river, you can eat lots of kinder chocolate eggs with Ryan. This is every kid’s dream as Ryan ToysReview is the top five highest YouTube channels ever, even competing with top networks like Nickelodeon and Disney! In the line that Ryan developed with Bonkers Toys and Pocket.Watch, you will find surprise eggs, articulating action figures, squishy toys, and lots of slime. 

Redwood Ventures’ booth included our favorite squishies Smooshy Mushy Baby and Smashy Mashy as well as Series Cups n Cakes Smooshy Mushy. We also saw our favorite game Flying Sushi Kitchen!

We had a blast at TTPM! Check out our blog at to see more of our holiday coverage and gift guides. And don’t forget to like this video, subscribe to our channel, and ring that notification bell! Every time we post a new video or host a giveaway, you’ll be the first to know!


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