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Holiday 2018! TTPM Holiday Showcase - Coolest Toys at TTPM - Part 1!

HOLIDAY Showcase 2018 Coverage 
Part One! 

We went to the TTPM Holiday Showcase where we saw the best toys for Holiday 2018! If you like this video, please like, subscribe to our channel, and be sure to share it with your friends! We have part two of this video going up tomorrow. 

Fans of Monster Mayhem rejoice! If you’ve never heard of Monster Mayhem it’s American Gladiators meets Power Rangers! Now you can bring the mayhem inside your living room with blow up gear (helmets, weapons, and chest plates), and even a massive moon ball! The sets are exclusive to Target, so make sure you add this to your wishlist. The blow up fists and head piece are sold together for $14.99, the weapon is $9.99, and the huge blow up massive moon ball is $49.99. Marcello had so much fun bopping at the moon- big thank you to the reps in the booth for being so kind to him as he went crazy fighting monsters! These are definitely a favorite of ours! We already have the helmet and fists, so look out for them in other videos! 

At the Spin Master booth, Zoomers Hungry Bunnies, Shreddy and Chewy, are super cute and love to chomp down on their treats. Feed your hungry bunny yummy snacks and treats, put it to his mouth and watch him chomp. They are just so cute! Bring the beach home with Kinetic Sand, everyone loves this sand that never dries out and is super easy to mold and play. Build big sand castles and squish them down  - so satisfying! 

Make new holiday traditions with your little ones with Step2 holiday line, Step2 has an adorable line of interactive holiday decorations for kids - a snowman that works like a Mr. Potato Head, a huge advent calendar, a gingerbread house, and light up Christmas tree. The Christmas tree has large ornament balls that are easy for little hands to grasp. The Christmas tree has a light up star that is removable. 

The Just Play booth will have all of your favorite toys with the new Jojo Siwa Singing Doll “Hold the Drama” and her own stage with two outfits. New Fisher Price play-food with a cool shopping cart and shopping basket, new cash register, and play food for the best play supermarket experience. New Vampirina dolls and playsets have hit the store's shelves - we now have possible Poppy and Wolfie, Vampirina with her scooter, new room sets for Vampirina’s Scare B & B, too. Doc McStuffin’s Pet Rescue Mobile is the perfectsetting to save the stray animals. With a medical center, a grooming center, and treats to feed the rescues, you’ll be the best trapper in the neighborhood. 

We cannot wait for the new Universal Studios/Illumination Entertainment The Grinch movie, and they have the toys so we can bring the magic home with us. From surprise ornaments with figures inside, you can use your capsule as an ornament for your tree, or to decorate your room. Hide more treasures inside to continue the fun! An adorable collection of plush dolls, PVC figures, and a snowman playset with a working slide makes this collection super cool. 

We are so excited to see new Bubble Guppies toys because we still watch the show! A new and improved Guppy School Bus with Mr. Grouper, and now the guppies have real articulating fins - no more wheels! Get a cool collection of bath squirters for the bath or pool, too. The bath squirters even include bubble kitty! Adorable plush guppies featuring our favorite Bubble Guppies characters, and a Molly bath set. Hot Diggity Dog Mickey and a new Mickey figure with his bike are added for Clubhouse fun! The little ones will get a kick out of Mickey dancing, I couldn’t get him to work though! 

We love Muppet Babies, and this was actually a show I watched when I was little, too, and they have tons of toys out now! You can play with the nursery with the new poseable figures, Kermit, Fozzy, Miss Piggy. New plush dolls including the newest character, Summer the penguin. These are all available now at stores like Target. 

Who doesn’t love Hairdorables? We definitely do! The newest collection of surprise toys with 11 toy surprises featuring accessories, and poseable dolls! You can get one of 36 poseable dolls all with glorious hair. My favorite doll is Neila! She is out of this world with cuteness. You can also get the super rare Rayne Shower with her rainbow tinsel hair. Each Hairdorable has their own unique job, like Noah, she creates amazing hairstyles on her youtube channel. We unboxed a few on our channel already. Stay tuned, we won 12 boxes of Hairdorables from Just Play so I will be doing 12 Days of Hairdorables! Any duplicates will be given away! Be sure to be subscribed to our channel to get notified first. 

Playmates is responsible for many of my favorite toys as I have been a collector of their action figures many years, which is why I love the Ben10 line of poseable action figures. The Creation Chamber is a mini action figure maker where you can take body parts and place them in certain spots of the chamber and click them all together to create your own unique alien - just like Ben10! Playmates also has released a new interactive doll line called Tiny Toes, the cutest little dolls that fit in the palm of your hands. They respond to touch, can be rocked to sleep, and they fart, too! They are going to be a hot toy for the holidays season hands down! 

We love MadMattr, so this new MadMattr toolbox is the coolest tools set to form your own bricks, wood pieces, and more to build epic MadMattr mansions! Also apart of the MadMattr line are Meteor Monsters, crack open the monster rock and inside is MadMattr and your own monster. Meteor Monsters are $9.99 each and would make perfect stocking stuffers. The MadMattr Quantum Tool Box is perfect for kids ages five and up and is $29.99 each, which is a great deal as it includes two 5 oz packs of red and blue MadMattr containers, 20 brick building tool, super awesome texture plates that create a beautiful effects on your bricks like wood grain, miter boxes to create that perfect joint, and a new curved version of the ASTRA award-winning Ultimate Brick Maker. Your kiddos will expand their building ability with new brick makers, and different

The perfect gift to show off your yo-yo skills would be with Bandai’s Hyper Cluster Starter Pack! The Hyper Cluster almost looks like a fidget style toy in that you can manipulate the yo-yo in different directions, and adjust speeds based on the type of skin you put on. You don’t even need to be an expert at yo-yoing! You can customize your Hyper Cluster by changing the skin with an arrangement of fun colors and designs! It’s simple to remove, and satisfying to attach with the crank sound - CRANK IT YOUR WAY! Perfect for kids ages eight and up, at the price of $14.99, you can’t beat it! 

We’ve already reviewed Morf Boards on our channel, and they are so much fun for outdoor play. Now you can add parts for indoor fun. You can also purchase the decks in a variety of new and fun colors like grey, blue, red, and teal. You can still get it in the bright green! Balance, hone your skate skills inside this winter, and be totally skate park ready for the summer! You can also use the Morf Board as a scooter, too! Jakks Pacific also has Mr. Banks in their Workin’ Buddies line, costumes for Halloween or dress like characters from The Incredibles, even your favorite LOL Doll! You know we are no stranger to Jakks Pacific toys as Marcello insists that he will work for them when he gets older. 

It was such a wonderful surprise to see all of the new Wreck it Ralph toys in person at the Bandai booth. We love Wreck-It Ralph, and super excited for the new movie!!! Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet hits theaters this November, and now we have an amazing new line of toys out to play with, too. The line includes poseable dolls featuring Fix-It Felix Jr, Ralph, Vanellope, as well as blind boxes with PVC figures that interact with the PAC-MAN app. The PVC figures from the blind pacs can be stored in the cool play-sets featuring an old-style cell phone, and the Disney castle. Larger, more playable dolls like talking Vanellope Von Schweetz, and Ralph can wreck it!  

V-Tech Go! Go! Smart Wheels are wonderful play-sets for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Baby Rocco loves his Mickey set so much that we got him for his first birthday! Yes, now Go! Go! Smart Wheels includes your favorite characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Sets are as low at $19.99 and include one vehicle, and if you have older Go! Go! Smart Wheels Sets, you can piece the tracks into the new sets. They are wonderful toys that teach problem-solving, fine motor skills, and communication. V-Tech and LeapFrog also have other wonderful products for early readers and their adorable interactive Bright Lights Unicorn! She is so adorable and perfectly priced at $25 at Walmart!

Crazy Art booth was so cool with their amazing collections of DIY Nickelodeon Slime sets, buckets of slime, and more! The Nickelodeon Slime sets come with everything that you need to create the best slime. Even more impressive are the Fun Scents slime collection that are adorably packaged in small jars, and they each have their own fun scent! I'm not talking about flowery scents, but scents that kids love like macaroni and cheese! The Kodak puzzle collections had fun and whismical images to piece back together from horses to colorful neighborhoods. I loved the Wheel of Fortune puzzle, and there was even a 51,300 piece puzzle. Epic!

We had a blast at TTPM Holiday Showcase! Stay tuned for part two with more from Mattel, Moose, LEGO, and more! Be sure to like this video, please subscribe, and ring that notification bell! Each time we post a new video or host a give away, you’ll be the first one to get notified! 

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