Saturday, September 15, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Smooshy Mushy Cup'n Cakes, Smooshy Mushy Baby Squishies, MEGA Unboxing Review

Those little, squishy rascals from Smooshyville, the Smooshy Mushy are back with Series 4 Cups-n-Cakes with a collection of all new and improved scented squishies that are oh-so-smooshy and oh-so-squishy! Smooshy Mushy by Redwood Ventures sent us the ultimate MEGA BOX to unbox on our YouTube channel, and we had so much fun including all of our other Smooshy Mushy friends from Series 1, 2 and 3, and we even included the toxic squishies from the new line Smashy Mashy. Smashy Mashy is the gross collection of toxic brothers of Smooshyville because of their obsession with toxic nacho cheese. 

Smooshy Mushy Series 4 Cups-n-Cakes - featuring a collection of sweet treats paired with yummy and homey Hot Cocoa!
Smooshy Mushy series 4 includes a whole new collection of squishable characters and each come with their adorably designed hot beverage cup container, a smaller version of that cup is inside, along with two ball chains to hang your smoothy squad from your backpack or belt, a mini bestie squishy, a colorful sticker of you Smooshy Mushy and their bestie, and a very playful checklist with a Mad Lib style game on the back. Smooshy Mushy is notorious for creating playful and thoughtful packaging, and each Smooshy Mushy series always has their own story.  I love how creative the people over at Redwood Ventures are, and I sincerely thank them for sending us Smooshy Mushy since series one! There are eight Smooshy Mushy friends to collect with their besties like Patsy Pug and Cadence Creampuff who is rare, Marla Mouse and Pita Petit, Sailor Squeaks and Rosie Raspberry Pie, Molly Mare and Sara Sprinklepop, Tabby Tiger and Faunda Fondant, Aubrey Owl and Bethy Blueberry Pie, Tillie Tiger and Penunia Puff, and finally the ultra-rare Peyton Pony and Cherry Yummins. All of Series 4 members of the Smooshy Squad are simply adorable! 

Also with the fall launch, as I mentioned before Smashy Mashy squishies, new Smooshy Mushy Babies, Unicorn Shakes, and Bento boxes have hit the shelves! Both Smashy Mashy and the Babies come in amazing containers with disappearing toxic slime and milk inside in each respective container. Smooshy Mushy’s innovative packaging allows for fun storage pieces for your Smooshy Mushy friends and their besties! You can also use the cool containers for pretend play. Also, if you happen to pick up your own Smooshy Mushy baby be sure to show your smoothy squad dance moves. There is a fun contest going on with the best Smooshy Mushy Baby dance moves, just go to and download the Smooshy Mushy Baby song and share it on your social media with #SmooshyMushyDanceOff and tag @SmooshyMushyToys

We just love all of the new and colorful Smooshy Mushy containers along with the super oh-so-squishy, oh-so-slow rising squishies. Find them at stores like Walmart, Target, and even Amazon and range from $7.99 through $13.99.

Thank you so much Smooshy Mushy and Redwood Ventures for including us in this launch! Happy squishing!