Video and Toy Review: ZURU Max Build More Toy Brick Line BIG on FUN, Easy On Our Wallets! 2018 Holiday Toy List!

Toy brick building is proven to provide the educational foundations to create imaginative thinkers, boost focus, strengthen problem-solving skills, communication building, and more! This is why I love ZURU’s new toy brick line, Max Build More, this range provides a way to buy more high-quality bricks in one place promoting more ways to create, build, and play! 

Available exclusively at Walmart, Max Build More, is big on fun and easy on your wallet. Huge sets of 759 pieces that includes a variety of brick sizes are just $24.97, a super duper steal of a deal. The 253 brick pack is exceptionally priced at $9.84. Want more windows, doors, and wheels? ZURU thought of that, too, with their 250 piece Accessory pack for $12.97. Don’t forget the important base plate to showcase your builds for just $4.88. 

LEGO is well known for their character line of mini figures, and ZURU answered this desire for miniature figures with their own Max Figures that are totally different, and super poseable, plus the Max Figures have ears! Add the 15 piece set of Max Figures to your little one's collection for just $9.97. My thoughtful little guy saw that there weren't any girls included in this launch. Hopefully, we will see policewomen, cowgirls, female astronauts, princesses, and more very soon! For now, be silly with this ultra collection of Rebel Fighters, Zombies, Police Officers, Burglars, Yetis, and more! You can mix, match, and switch around accessories, legs, arms, heads, hair pieces, and beards for some pretend play. We actually did this in an upcoming video, so you have to stay tuned for that! 

ZURU is so thoughtful with their products, especially their packaging, because the Max Build More sets come in their own storage containers that are easily stackable. You get so much bang for your buck with these sets that I am sure they will be flying off of the shelves during the holidays. We truly love our LEGO sets, and won’t be parting ways anytime soon, but when you want just a few more pieces, and run out of windows, doors, or even decorative elements, ZURU’s Max Build More bricks are the way to go, because of their affordability, high quality, vibrant colors, and did I mention how affordable they are? 

Big thank you to ZURU for sending us over their new collection of brick toys to keep my little builder busy! For all builders ages three and up. Keep an eye out exclusively at Walmart as Max Build More by ZURU should be hitting the shelves after October 1 in the US and Canada, and worldwide. 

Make sure when sharing your creations on social media to tag ZURU and hashtag it with #BuildtotheMax!

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