Video and Toy Review: Ultimate Collectible! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Newt Scamander vs Harry Potter Light Painting Wand Light Painting Wand

We went to the beach waiting for the sun to set on the last unofficial day of summer so we can paint the night with our Harry Potter Light Painting Wands by Wow! Stuff! You can get these for $30 each from UK and AU retailers now, and in the US and Canada (they are coming to retailers like Barnes and Noble, Chapters, and more very soon!).

With the new Harry Potter and Newt Scamander Light Painting Wands you can conjure up your patronus like a wizard or witch pro. I received these wands from Wow! Stuff for review and I have to be honest the light painting wands are y most favorite collectibles ever. Not only do they feel totally authentic, but they are truly so much fun to play with! If we didn’t get kicked off of the beach, I think we could have played all night long. 

Harry Potter's Wand

Newt Scamander's Wand

You can purchase your light painting wands by Wow! Stuff for $30. I will post retail information in my description below. Once you have your wand in hand, download the Wow! Stuff light painting app. With that app, and paired with a tripod be prepared for some magical fun! You cannot record your movements, we only did this by screen recording. I wanted you to see how it worked and the end results. The photographs are much better, and more presentable in quality. If you’re familiar with photography, you can see that the shutter is slowed down a lot, so it looks like our bodies echo throughout the screen. Sure anyone can do this with a glow stick, a camera, and tripod, but wouldn’t you Potter fans rather practice some magic a wand! 

With a click of the button, recite Lumos! And you’re on your way to Potterdom! Check out more of their products here! You can also watch more professional videos of their products at work on their YouTube channel!


  1. Wow these wands look amazing! The beach is a perfect place to play with these.. great pics! :))