Sunday, September 2, 2018

Video and Toy Review: TrixTrux - Ultimate Monster Truck Obstacle Course Hot Holiday Toy List!

TrixTrux flip, spin, and go off the rails with their 4WD action. Play on a carefully connected collection of track tubing and pair them with your favorite bonus stunt tracks like the Tidal Wave, Cliffhanger/Rumble Road, Monster Ramp, or defy gravity with the Aerial Zip-line! 

TrixTrux is a cool new playset that retails for $20 and includes loads of tracks and one of each of the bonus stunt tracks. You also get a mystery TrixTrux Monster Truck that requires 3 AAA batteries (batteries not included and you will need a screwdriver to open the battery compartment). 

There are four TrixTrux Monster Trucks to collect in all, and they are all vibrantly colored and are champions of flipping and owning the obstacle course. When you put the whole set together, you get 17’ of track in just one play set of TrixTrux, which is a lot of play time, and a lot of TrixTrux fun!

Each TrixTrux set is $19.99 plus shipping and handling. If you know your kiddo will want this set for the holidays, then grab it now! For a limited time, double up on the monster madness for $20 for two sets of TrixTrux, which includes double the tracks, double the stunt tracks, double the trucks, and the double the fun! The offer is available on their website. To me, $20 is a bit steep for one car and some race tracks, but you get so much value in this set - moms and dads gain some valuable time, and your kiddos practice open play. My five-year-old son plays with TrixTrux for at least a solid hour, because set up is so easy. He really only needs help with the aerial stunt as another person is required to help hold the zip-line. He calls the red one “Angry Bird,” and the blue monster truck that he got, “Old Blue.” There is also that element of mystery with each TrixTrux set so you may get a duplicate, but don’t worry - if you buy two sets and you get the same colored car, you can trick them out differently with the variety of stickers included. 

Putting together the TrixTrux courses are literally a snap! Each piece fits perfectly together, and there is no right or wrong way to play, which will give kids that extra boost to be imaginative and create the ultimate TrixTrux obstacle course. We love TrixTrux because you also do not need a whole lot of room to play. It’s not necessary to put the whole track together, because the monster trucks work on there without the help of the track, too. Each obstacle course can cater to your location - be it under the bed, at Grandma’s, in a living room - where ever! You can also play without the track, and watch your TrixTrux Monster Truck pop wheelies, flip, and more on your coffee table. 

TrixTrux is just one of those playsets that will be in the shopping carts on Black Friday, and I’m definitely getting two more! What will you do with your free time after you buy TrixTrux? Let me know in the comments.

Big thank you to TrixTrux for sending us TrixTrux play sets to trick out and try!

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