Monday, September 3, 2018

Video and Toy Review: SMASHY MASHY SQUISHIES Nacho Typical Squishies! Gross Toys for Boys!

Smashy Mashy, the new squishy toys thoughtfully geared toward kids who love gross, mischievous toys! Smashy Mashy are right up my son’s alley, however, I would say Smashy Mashy are perfect for your daughter or your son. Smashy Mashy Squishies loves to eat nacho cheese, so when you give them a squeeze the heavenly aroma of nachos and processed cheese erupts! Smashy Mashy's sweet smelling sisters, Smooshy Mushy, do not approve of these toxic squishies, so they steer clear. If you haven't already guess, Redwood Ventures are the creators of Smashy Mashy as well as Smooshy Mushy, Flying Sushi Kitchen, and more!

The story of Smashy Mashy is so comical; they came to life by eating toxic nachos, and have now strayed from Smooshyville and are on the loose. It was our job to locate them. Thankfully, some were delivered in a beautifully packaged, silver briefcase along with a decoder. Decoding and uncovering clues to unbox toys seem to be all the rage this toy season, so Smashy Mashy is right on trend. 

Each Smashy Mashy surprise jar comes with a decoder to decode the Word Search on the back of the checklist.

Marcello is so excited to have something gross to squish! He loves cheese, too!

There are six Smashy Mashy to collect in all, and they each come in their own fun, disappearing slime container. Unbox the Smashy Mashy and you will get one large Smashy Mashy, his little squishy friend, two ball chains to attach to anything you like (backpack or handbag), the checklist with a decoder word search game, and a sticker of your Smashy Mashy.  Smashy Mashy retail for $9.99, and are sold at major retailers like Walmart, Target, and more! Grab them now, because they will be a great stocking stuffer for the holidays!

Overall, the story behind the Smashy Mashy squishies are so stinkin’ cute, and the fact that they love nachos and nacho cheese; they had me at hola. 

Big thank you to Redwood Ventures for thinking of us for this launch! We had a blast - so many creative people over there that it really resonates with their influencer packages, and toys, which is a company I can stand by! 

We hope you liked our unboxing video! Leave us a comment with your stinky favorite Smashy Mashy! My favorite is definitely Sassquats!