Sunday, September 23, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Save Money in Style with Mr. Banks Talking Piggy Bank STEM Toys

You’ll want to save and save some more with the help of Mr. Banks, the newest vehicle to hit the Real Workin’ Buddies range by JAKKS Pacific. If you don’t already know, Mr. Banks joins a fleet of other buddies that have special purposes to help kids imagine, play, and learn! Mr. Hosey is a real working fire truck that can put out play fires with his working water hose. Mr. Dusty is a kiddo’s biggest helper in the playroom when it comes to clean up because he can clean up a pile of bricks, puzzle pieces, and figures in one swoop. 

Mr. Banks is in great company, and for $39.99, your kiddo will be saving his and her pennies like a pro. Mr. Banks is designed to look like the most secure vehicle in all the land, an armored truck! Inside the truck are a removable coin sorter and a removable bill tray. Mr. Banks provides multiple uses of enjoyment as he can be used as a bank, and as a real moving vehicle. The wheels really work, and Mr. Banks says over 50 funny, engaging, and unique phrases. Leave Mr. Banks alone for a couple of minutes and he will fall asleep and dream of money, “overfeed” Mr. Banks and he’ll fart and burp, and you can also hear Mr. Banks root your kiddo on to keep saving!

Mr. Banks keeps track of each deposit seamlessly. Coins will be sorted in their appropriate section, and can easily be withdrawn for later use. Bills are a bit different where you have to enter the denomination in before depositing your moolah, but that’s fine with me! This kind of play encourages children to learn the value of money as well as what money actually looks like and means. Until today, I had no clue that my son knew what a $20 bill even was! I was so proud of him, and his delight and enjoyment, as he watched his total amount grow, was so much fun to experience. Mr. Banks will keep track of all of your deposits and withdrawals with the touch of the handy keypad and LCD screen. My son is five years old, and he picked this up so quickly. He did not even want to play with the toy as a truck, he just wanted to deposit and withdraw and see his total rise. It pays to save your holiday money for four years straight! 

With lights, fun sounds, clever interaction, a cool handle for easy transport, and ease of movement, Mr. Banks is the best toy to strengthen Math skills, teach patience, teach the value of the dollar, and more! Also, we tested a Canadian bill, and Mr. Banks happily took the money. Available now in stores like Target and Walmart, pick up Mr. Banks for your holiday toy list! Mr. Banks includes 4 AA batteries and is for ages three and up. 

Big thank you to JAKKS Pacific for sending us Mr. Banks for our review! 

Check out our video to see more!

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