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Video and Toy Review: Pop-Oh-Ver Play Sets Take Pretend Play to the Next Level with Creativity and Clean Up!

Every parent knows the struggle that is keeping a tidy house; I know this struggle all too well. We live in a cozy apartment that is chock full of kids stuff, so any kind of space saving product is welcomed, but many say they’ll save space and the product fails miserably. This is not the case with Pop-oh-ver! Pop-oh-ver is the amazing play set that turns your ordinary kitchen chairs into mini playsets for hours of open play and fun for your kiddos and you! Out of the box, you unfold the play-set, yes, I said unfold, and pop it over your standard kitchen or dining chair. The height ratio from child to the chair is actually perfect, and it’s just the right size for my five-year-old to cook, play, and just be silly! 

He could not wait to dig in!

Have you ever found yourself struggling to store the play food and utensils in the regular kitchen sets? Not only do they take up a ton of space, but they also don’t hold all of the “extra pieces.” I know this because we have a kitchen set that is supposed to fold up to like the size of a box - once folded, where do the extra pieces go? I’m left with a useless playset and a bunch of pieces that I don’t have room to store. This is why I love Pop-oh-ver! The play food is squishy plush, and the pots and pans tuck neatly in within one another. Plus once playtime is over, simply pop off the fabric play set, fold it up, and you can even fold up the play food and accessories within the set using the storage pockets (for the drawers and oven). 

There are two sets to choose from: the countertop set and the stove set (on sale now $39.95 each, The countertop set includes a shelf to store your mixing bowls, canned good toys, and even has drawers at the bottom for more storage. The countertop area is the actual seat of the chair so there is ample workspace. The drawers can hold the utensils like the spoons, wooden spoons, whisks, ladles, and more! Even though the drawers don’t pull out, the fabric allows for expansion, thus, really enhancing my love for this set in particular. You can also toast bread in the toaster, and blend up your favorite smoothie with the blender! My son decided he wanted to make a cookie smoothie and added in one banana for good measure. Kids! 

To really add to the wonder and whimsy of the Pop-Oh-Ver sets is the stove set that has four burners, a microwave, and an oven. Both microwave and oven have working doors with magnetic pieces to keep the doors closed. Inside the microwave and the oven are plastic transparent holders that will keep the play food in place while they “cook.”

True happiness on his face! He loves the Pop-Oh-Ver sets! I do, too! So does our toy box! Haha!

You get a lot of bang for your buck with the sets. If you don’t already have your own collection of play food, check out the fun accessories sets that Pop Oh Ver makes, too. Your Chef in training will be the toast of the town in his or her new Chef’s whites included with the Pop Oh Ver Chef Set ($19.95), and it includes a Chef’s play outfit, utensils, and matching oven mitt. Sharpen your kiddo’s veggie and fruit naming skills with the Pop Oh Ver Pretend Food Sets that come with a variety (enough to make pretend sandwiches or a healthy salad), or you can just get the Fruits and Vegetables set that includes delicious looking apples, bananas, scallions, carrots, and even a play knife to practice cutting the food. Both pretend food sets are $19.95 each and will add to the overall playtime experience. The pretend to play food is squishy and made of high-quality plush, which also makes it super easy to store because you can squish them all together. An essential accessory set that I think should be purchased over anything else is the Pop Oh Ver Pots and Pans set, which includes a variety of pots, a pan, colander, cooking utensils, and an oven mitt. This set is nicer than my own Circulon set! Finally, to add some sweetness to this sweet collection is the Pop Oh Ver Baking Set, also for $19.95, and it includes a baking sheet, an array of pastries, cookies, and cakes. Yum! 

I wouldn’t mind seeing more Pop-Oh-Ver sets like a pretend grocery store, a doctor’s office, a vet clinic, or even a baby nursery! The possibilities are endless when creativity and innovation mix together, which is why Pop Oh Ver is the recipient of so many accolades and awards! Pop Oh Ver has won Creative Child Magazine’s 2018 Product of the Year, 2018 Hot Diggity Dog Award, Oppenheim Gold Seal Best Toy Award, and more prestigious children’s product awards! 

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