Video and Toy Review: Our Toy Box Just Got Fancy! Fancy Nancy Talking Dolls, Ballerina Fancy Nancy, Music Box by JAKKS Pacific

Disney has taken the Fancy Nancy book series by Jane O’Connor and turned it into a fancy television series for Disney Junior. Nancy Clancy has taken her readers, and now her viewers, on her fancy adventures with fancy new words and timeless fun! Fancy Nancy can turn normal everyday activities into an unforgettable experience with her fancy ideas and imaginative ways of play! Our son, Marcello, loves the show so much, so the pairing of JAKKS Pacific and Disney teaming up with Fancy Nancy was a win-win! 

JAKKS Pacific makes all of the toys for the Fancy Nancy range, and pairing his two favorites together caused an explosion of happiness! We were lucky to have JAKKS Pacific send us the Shall We Be Fancy Talking Fancy Nancy Doll ($49.99), the Ooh La La Music Jewelry Box ($19.99), and the elegantly poseable Fancy Nancy Ballerina Doll ($19.99). 

Ooh La La Jewelry Box, Fancy Nancy Ballerina, and Shall We Be Fancy Talking Doll

The Shall We Be Fancy Talking Fancy Nancy Doll is a smart doll with different elements of play. She is not quite available yet, but when she does become available she will be $49.99. Press her butterfly pendant or papillionthat’s a fancy word for butterfly— and watch her dress light up in an explosion of color. You can also control Fancy Nancy’s dress colors with the butterfly bracelet that is included. The doll also comes with fun accessories like tiaras, a boa, and a fancy handbag. The Shall We Be Fancy Nancy doll is poseable, so open play is a breeze, and with nine points of articulation Nancy will be painting the town red. I see many fancy tea parties, family game nights, and other playtime activities in Nancy’s future! With over 35 familiar phrases and songs from the hit Disney Junior show, this toy allows for open-ended play and the possibilities to learn a whole new range of fancy words! Dressed in a colorful ballerina tutu (that is removable) and her light up hard plastic dress will be sure to delight even the fanciest of fans! She will definitely be a hot ticket toy for the holidays. Add her to the list! There is also another doll featuring Fancy Nancy called My Friend Fancy Nancy doll for $34.99 - $39.99, but she does not talk, and she is wearing her signature clothing. She is a little more poseable than the talking version. It will very hard to choose! 

Accessories included with the Shall We Be Fancy Talking Doll

The Ballerina Fancy Nancy doll stands at 10 inches tall but can pose in a variety of ballet moves. Pirouette, grand jaté, plié, and more with the press of her waist buttons. Fancy Nancy can even point her toes like a real prima ballerina, and even flatten her feet to perform even the hardest of ballet poses. I am so impressed with her ease of movement, and even for a doll her, she moves with such poise! Land in a split and Nancy raises her arms up in the air for a grand finale to complete her performance. Fancy Nancy completes her ballet moves with the utmost in grace and in elegance, and in the fanciest of ways, too! Fancy Nancy comes with her own fairy wand with a sash attached, and Nancy can hold the wand in her hand to add even more movement to her performance. 

Elegantly packaged with the silhouette of a beautiful butterfly! Even the packaging is fancy!

In addition to the selection of dolls in the Fancy Nancy range, there are a variety of playsets to illuminate Fancy Nancy’s playful, imaginative mind. We were also sent the Fancy Nancy Ooh La La Music Box, which also doubles as a jewelry box to keep your treasures and trinkets stored in the fanciest way possible. Adorned with intricate floral details, the music box features the Eiffel Tower, the grandest landmark in all of Paris, France. Fancy Nancy takes a ride around the tower in her little Vespa to the tune of her own theme song. Her outfit is full of French flair, and atop her head is a very sparkly helmet - being safe is fancy, too! For $19.99 and for ages three and up, you get the cutest trinket box that can be displayed and even included in pretend play. To start up your fancy little one’s jewelry collection an exclusive ring adorned with Fancy Nancy’s signature butterfly motif is also included in the set. 

Fancy Nancy Ooh La La Jewelry Box

In addition to the jewelry box, there is also a very cute French style phone in the range for ages three and up for $14.99. It’s definitely worth taking a look at considering it promotes fine-tuning motor skills with the use of the very fancy rotary style phone (that’s a dial to you millennials!), and batteries are even included. Also, check out the full range of storybooks, dress up sets, play sets, and dolls in the Fancy Nancy range! You’ll be sure to make your little one’s holidays extra special! C’est Magnifique! 

When did you first learn about Fancy Nancy? Have you been a fan since the books? Or was your little one enchanted by the new Fancy Nancy show? Let me know in the comments below!

Variety of 10" Poseable Fancy Nancy Dolls to Choose From with Different Outfits

I have to say thank you so much to JAKKS Pacific for sending us the beautiful collection of toys to review! Stay tuned for more reviews we have in store from JAKKS Pacific!

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