Sunday, September 16, 2018

Video and Toy Review: The Incredibles 2 Wave 2 Assortment 4-inch Action Figures!

Incredibles 2 Wave 2 4-inch action figures by Jakks Pacific have finally arrived, and they are wonderful! I did have to order them at a premium from Entertainment Earth, but to me, it was totally worth the money to show our subscribers and readers the wave 2 collections directly. I would estimate that they will be in stores by September 20 or as late as October 1. Fingers crossed for that. 

In each assortment there is only one of each of Screenslaver and The Underminer, so if you see them grab them and grab them as quickly as Dash runs! I already have seen both figures for sale for as little at $34 to $45, which is absolutely ridiculous! Hey Day Mr. Incredible or classic Mr. Incredible (blue super suit) will be the easiest to find. Also in the collection is Elastigirl wearing her DevTech suit along with a pair of hypnotic Screenslaver goggles and an elasti-arm. Screenslaver also comes with two accessories, a laptop and a zapper tool (I forgot what this does!), and The Underminer comes with his signature microphone. Edna Mode is joined by Fire Jack-Jack and both are very poseable considering their sizes - they are the smallest and the cutest action figures. The figures are $7.99 each, but there since there are three figures with more than one accessory (The Underminer’s cape can indeed count as an accessory), they may be $9.99. 

The figures have at least four to five points of articulation. My favorite is The Underminer action figure because his articulation is amazing! His clasping claw hands rotate, and his cape is removable as well. I also ordered the Wave 2 Assortment of the poseable 11” dolls from Entertainment Earth, and it was a bust. I received one wave one Elastigirl dolls, one Violet doll, one Edna Mode wave 2, and one Elastigirl in her DevTech suit for wave 2. I was so disappointed to not see the Dash and Jack-Jack poseable dolls in there as I had learned from New York Toy Fair in February 2018. The press release states that this was going to be a fall release - the image was not final, and Dash really looks kind of wonky, so I do not want to even show you what it looks like. If there is another wave for spring 2019, hopefully, Dash will be in there. Another toy we are waiting for fall 2018 is The Underminer Attack Trackset for $24.99, it included a die-cast Incredibile and the vehicle can jump The Underminer, therefore, saving the day. It is for ages four and up. The image, again, is not final. When I go to TTPM at the end of September, I will ask JAKKS Pacific directly about this! The set looked really cool at Toy Fair, and I am kicking myself that I did not take a better photo of the set. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed our unboxing video! Stay tuned for more videos featuring our newest members of our ever-growing The Incredibles 2 collection! Be sure to subscribe to our channel to be included in our next give away at 10,000 subscribers! 

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  1. These action figures are too cool!! We love the Incredibles 2