Sunday, September 23, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Elastigirl Poseable Doll Wave 2 in DevTech Super Suit! JAKKS Pacific Where's Dash and Baby Jack-Jack for Wave 2? :*(

Incredibles 2 Wave 2 Poseable Dolls are hitting the shelves and you’re either going to be super happy or be kind of bummed. I’m both! With Wave 2 Poseable 11” dolls we have the new Elastigirl wearing her new and improved DevTech suit designed by Alexander Balaki. You’ll also find the new Edna Mode poseable doll in her outfit from The Incredibles 2. Wave 1 Incredibles 2 poseable dolls are also included in the release - Violet and Elastigirl in her family super suit. Nothing new there. Who’s missing?! Dash, of course. Where is Dash? Why doesn’t Dash have a poseable figure? Is one coming soon?

First, let’s talk about the beauty that is Elastigirl in her beautifully, and thoughtfully design DevTech suit. Evelyn Deavor was the one assisting Balaki in the design of this; she brought the technology and he brought the seamless design. The suit keeps Elastigirl totally safe and can withstand her stretching with ease. The suit also protects Elastigirl if she ever wiped out on her elasticycle. With multiple points of articulation, Elastigirl may just be the doll you have been waiting for or the doll you must add to your collection. It’s totally based on preference, and which super suit you prefer. So far, in the range of poseable dolls there is the Toys R Us exclusive Elastigirl that came with classic Mr. Incredible, family suit Elastigirl, and now Elastigirl in her DevTech suit. Which do you like the best? I love the DevTech Elastigirl suit! The colors are amazing, and I am totally dark and angsty —like the 90s. 

In our unboxing video, I also show you Edna Mode in her outfit from The Incredibles 2. Now, let’s go back in time to New York Toy Fair. For Fall 2018, there was a press release stating that Dash would be released as a 2-pack set with Baby Jack-Jack, and the Dash would have a removable mask. This set is supposed to be $16.99. However, upon researching this, I found that Entertainment Earth (my go-to place for many hard to find toys) has canceled this sale. Total bummer! Hopefully, I get some answers when I speak with the rep at Jakks Pacific at TTPM. 

Until then stay tuned! I could only guess that Dash’s head is just way too big for a poseable doll. Honestly, he’s a cute kid, but you can’t really design a doll that is super poseable with a head like that. Mr. Incredible has that Grecian look to him, and Dash would look kind of funny. That’s just me, I guess. 

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