Sunday, September 2, 2018

Video and Review: Mythical Slyme Mythical Putty Wonder no more what a unicorn's tears look like! Fantasy fans will love these sets!

If you love putty and unicorns, then you will love Mythical Slyme. Mythical Slime takes the idea of magical unicorns and harvests their magical properties found in their tears, sweat, and even their poop to make beautiful, soft, stretchy putty. Pull, stretch, rip, and more, each tin of 2.8oz putty will satisfy your ever fidgeting needs. If you love the beauty of spun green gold, you will definitely find it in Unicorn Snot. 

Make sure you use my discount code link to get 15% off of your Mythical Slyme order! There is a variety of type of unicorn putties ranging from blood for the unicorn vampire, unicorn boogers from big unicorn nostrils. If the putty is not your thing, then check out bubbly Unicorn Slime in a variety of colors. 

I had so much fun reviewing this collection of putty that I think I need to buy some more! I think I will grab some pink Unicorn Poop next! The putty is stretchy, satisfying, and extremely relaxing to handle. My five-year-old son does not like putties and is very particular about slime, so he immediately like Mythical Slyme, because there was no odor left on his hands. 

Mythical Putty comes in 2.8oz tins for $13.99 each. Mythical Slyme Slime is $9.99. You can also purchase discounted gift sets with a range of Unicorn favorites for $29.99. Check out their website, there are a variety of magical unicorn fluids to choose from! 

Big thank you to Mythical Slyme for sending samples of their best putties for us to try!

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