Monday, September 3, 2018

Video and Review: Disney Series 11 Tsum Tsum Tsumprise Packs & Tsum Tsum Checklist

Finally! We finally have located Series 11 Tsum Tsum Tsumprise packs on the East coast. I feel like we have waited forever. Series 11 is so super cute. Check out the checklist to see the new characters from your favorite Disney and Disney Pixar movies like The Emperor’s New Groove, The Fox and the Hound, Up, and more! I am most excited about the addition of The Incredibles to the tsum tsum vinyl line-up, and they include Violet, Jack-Jack, and Mr. Incredible.

There are tsum tsum with new, fun finishes too like Tshimmer Tsum, and Tsprinkle Tsum! The Tshimmer Tsum Tsum come in small and medium varieties. For the first time we are going to be able to locate fuzzy, small tsum tsum. There are two new ultra super lucky tsum tsum - silver Mushu from Mulan, and a golden Rapunzel tsum tsum from Tangled. 

Who wore it better?

Tsum Tsum are by Jakks Pacific, and also released are new Series 11 accessory packs, which are the blind bags. We are still on the hunt for them. Stay tuned to our blog and channel to stay up to date with our latest toy finds!