Friday, September 14, 2018

Video and Digital Toy Review: Kiddopia Digital Workout for Your Child's Brain - Apps that Teach - Learning Apps for Kids Review

There are so many new ways to learn today, and the majority of that learning is available in the palm of our hands. That blue glow, which now some say can cause blindness, may also be impeding on your child’s ability to retain information, exercise cognitive and motor skills, and more. In comes Kiddopia, which is a digital workout for your kid’s brain! Kiddopia is an app, of course, but not just any app - one that focuses on core educational skills like letter recognition, handwriting skills, mathematics, and more! Kiddopia is the perfect recipe for a layered cake of learning success for your child with a sprinkle of fun throughout each activity. Heal sick pets, learn how to spell, letter recognition, counting, strengthen cognitive skills and more with Kiddopia’s educational games and activities.

Each activity that is completed rewards your child with fun stickers where your kiddo can decorate their own play scene. A collection of different jigsaw puzzles will strengthen problem-solving skills, teach patience, and fine tune fine motor skills. Connecting the dots includes so many important benefits of learning like improving counting schools, handwriting, strengthening hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Plus, kids just love to do play connect the dot games, because they are so curious to see what the picture is going to be! 

Kiddopia Mascot!

Letter comprehension is so important and is just the beginning of a world of reading. Kids will be able to learn to recognize upper and lower case letters when paired with the appropriate word. Kids can also trace letters to improve their handwriting skills. Keep your brain active, and train both sides of your brain to spot the difference games. Kids loves this game, and it has so many added benefits to exercise your short-term memory! Children can also color pictures, and can save their hard. work on their device to show you later. 

Kiddopia is made by Paper Boat Apps, and when downloading you will notice there is a monthly fee ($5.99/month) or an annual fee option ($44.99/year). I would suggest trying the app out and see if this app is a good fit for your child by taking advantage of the 7-day free trial period. From coloring to counting, this app opens the world of learning right at your child’s fingertips and definitely does more than other learning apps say they offer. Children as early as 18 months can benefit from this app, especially with the fun songs, cute animations, and bright colors.  If your budget doesn’t allow a pay as you go or annual subscription app right, there are many features of the free parts of the app that are very beneficial as well!  

If you homeschool or just want to give your kids some screen time, I think this would be a great app. Kids are having so much playing with this app that they have no idea that they're exercising their brain. Kiddopia is also the winner of so many digital toy awards: ranking #4 in Education in the iTunes Store (iPad) Parents’ Choice – Approved, Spring 2018 Mobile App Tillywig Brain Award, NAPPA Award Moms Choice Award, and finally, KAPi Award Badge. That’s a lot of awards!

Big thank you to Kiddopia and Paper Boat Apps for giving us this opportunity to explore your app! Here’s a look at just some of the fun games and activities your kiddo can do in the app in our YouTube video. Kiddopia is also a great way for mom or dad to catch a quiet break! I was able to fold a whole load of laundry while he plays! Our YouTube video is honestly a very small window into possibilites of Kiddopia! 


  1. This is awesome! Gonna check it out

    1. It's really a great app! The price is justified with how many things you can do. I didn't want to show everything because I feel that you can play with a lot of the activities without even purchasing a subscription. It has a lot of activities that kids watch on YouTube I have noticed. Thank you for your comment! :)

    2. We're doing the free trial and the little ones are really enjoying playing with this app! Thinking we're gonna have to do a subscription after the trial ends! Thanks so much! :)

    3. That's so wonderful to hear! I wish I had a discount code or something! If I get any discounts, I'll pass them along to you!! :) :)